Five reasons to start temping

Looking for something flexible? It’s time to start temping…

Temporary work is a great way to develop your skills, gain practical work experience, and improve your career prospects. And whether you’re thinking about taking on temp work seasonally, or you’re interested in temping full-time, there are a variety of reasons to get involved.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons to start temping:


  1. You’ll have control

Afraid of commitment? No problem.

As temporary positions don’t tie you down to a long-term contract, you’ll have more control over your schedule, workplace, and role – not to mention where you’d like to be in five years’ time.

And with some temp jobs, this could be anywhere in the world. For example, certain employers offer temp workers the opportunity to work abroad, meaning you don’t only get to decide when you work – but where you work too.

So whether it’s that you need your career to work around other commitments, you don’t want to be stuck in one place, or you’d just like the freedom of choosing when you work – temping could be the best way to do it.

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  1. You’ll gain valuable experience

Temping is a great way to gain practical experience in a wide range of fields.

In fact, if you’re brand new to a role, there probably isn’t a better way to build your skills. And as you’re often called on to apply your knowledge practically, you’ll be able prove to employers that you have what it takes to work in your chosen industry.

Even if your temp jobs aren’t related to the field you want to work in, you’ll learn a variety of transferable skills – many of which are essential in almost every field.

And, with many temp roles leading to a permanent position, it could be the foot in the door you need to start your career.

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  1. You’ll be able to network

They don’t say ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ for nothing.

And whilst we’re not discounting industry-specific skills, getting in contact with the right people could be exactly what you need to steer your career in the right direction.

Not only could temping leave you with a number of solid references, networking within each role could also improve your overall reputation in your industry. You might even be recommended for permanent roles, or given insider knowledge when new vacancies come up.

And the more you temp, the more your skills will become known across your field. Essentially, everybody wins.

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  1. You’ll be in demand

Temps are a vital part of almost every industry.

Whether they’re hired to help organisations deliver big projects, undergo change, or cover absent employees – they’re almost always in demand; and are required to fulfil work flexibly and efficiently.

This means that skilled temporary workers who can deliver exactly what an organisation needs (without delay) are highly sought after; whether you’re a developer who’s able to help build a website, or a construction worker who can assist with a major redevelopment.

The best part? Temp work is available in almost every field, so there’s no limit to what you can do.

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  1. You’ll figure out what suits you

Figuring out what you want to do isn’t always easy – especially if you’re just starting your career.

The good news is, temporary work offers you a trial run; giving you the opportunity to gain insights about an industry, see what it’s like to work in it first-hand, and ultimately decide if it’s the right line of work for you.

And if it isn’t? That’s fine. With no long-term contracts, you can simply move to something new as soon as your position has ended. You’ll also have the added benefit of adding to your knowledge and experience during each temp job you carry out – making you more employable in the long run.

No notice periods. No angry employers. And no questionable week-long stints at a supposedly permanent job on your CV.


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