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April 2018

Five reasons to register with

With hundreds of thousands of jobs from some of the UK’s biggest brands on right now, there’s no better place to get going. Here are five reasons to register with

NEBOSH: What you need to know

Interested in a career in health and safety? Here’s everything you need to know about NEBOSH, and how it could help you progress in the health and safety industry:

Poll: Would you work for a robot boss?

How do people feel about the increasing dependence on robotics in everyday life? We surveyed 2,000 employed adults in the UK to find out.


Will robots take our jobs?

We surveyed more than 2,000 UK workers to find out how they feel about the rise of tech in the workplace – and which jobs they think are most at risk of being replaced by robotics.

Why an online Coding Bootcamp is the fastest way to start a career in tech

We spoke to tech experts the Learning People, to find out more about online coding boot camps – and how they could be the perfect way to kickstart a career in tech.

Career change CV template

Looking for a change of direction? Read our career change CV template to help you ace your application.

Four ways to help recruiters find your CV

Here are our top tips to help you optimise your CV for search, and ensure you get headhunted for your perfect position.

The top companies hiring in April 2018

Looking for a new start in April? To help you narrow down your options, here are five of the top companies recruiting right now on

Four lessons you can learn from famous failures

Nobody likes failing. Here are four important lessons you can learn from famous failures (and how you can use them to turn a negative into a positive):

Five free courses you could start right now

We spoke to vision2learn, one of the UK’s top providers of free courses, who told us five of the best free courses you could be starting right now.

Ask James: What can I do to stand out and get a promotion?

Looking to take the next step in your career? In this month’s column, James gives his top tips on how to get yourself promoted.

The top courses to help you get hired April 2018

Looking for something to learn this spring? To help you make the most of your extra time off, here are three of the top courses you could be taking right now.

Retail CV template

Shopping for a new career? To help you stand out in the world of retail, we’ve put together a retail CV template.

What is the National Living Wage?

If you’re over the age of 25, you’re entitled to be paid the National Living Wage. To find out how much you should be earning, here’s our guide on what you need to know.

March 2018

Three reasons to take a childcare course

Looking to learn about childcare? To help you understand what a childcare course could do for you, here are three key reasons to get qualified.

Goodbye email templates

To help you say goodbye in the right way, here are our top tips on writing a goodbye email, along with a few goodbye email templates to get you started.


How to: Get a job in project management (without any experience)

Looking for an exciting new project? Here are some of our top tips on finding work as a Project Manager – and why you don’t necessarily need experience to break into the industry.

10 things it feels like to love Mondays

To help make your Monday mornings better (and to motivate you to find a new position), here are 10 things it feels like to love Mondays.

Poll: Should you follow your colleagues on social media?

The lines between our personal and professional lives often become blurred when it comes to social media. So, to ‘friend’ or not to ‘friend’?

How to: Get feedback at work

Asking for feedback isn’t always easy. To make sure you’re receiving all the advice you need to progress, here are our top tips on how to get feedback at work.


Second interview questions and answers

So you aced the first interview. What next? Here are a few of the most common second interview questions (and our advice on how to answer them).

The top companies hiring in March 2018

Ready to find your perfect position? To help you turn over a new leaf this spring, here are five of the top companies hiring throughout March.

Equal pay at work: Five ways to be paid fairly

All employees who do equal work for the same employer have a legal right to receive equal pay. If you feel like you’re being paid less than you deserve, here’s our advice on what to do next.

#IWD2018 – Six ways to improve your career progression

In celebration of #IWD2018, and irrespective of whatever box you tick, here are a few ways in which you can support your own career advancement.