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February 2018

Ask James: Should I switch careers?

Looking to enter a brand new industry, but not sure where to start? In this month’s column, James gives his advice on how to switch careers.

Five unusual courses on right now

Interested in learning more about parapsychology, feline studies or sushi making? Here are five of the most unusual courses on right now.

The top companies hiring in February 2018

Lost that loving feeling? To help you find your perfect match, here are some of the top companies throughout February on

What can I do with my marketing degree?

Ready to start marketing your skills? To help you choose your perfect marketing job, here’s our advice on what you can do with your marketing degree:

13 Valentine’s cards to let your work crush know you’re into them

Looking for love but can’t find the words? Here are 13 creative Valentine’s Day cards which will do the hard work for you…

The top courses to help you get hired February 2018

Looking for a new passion in February? To help you find your inspiration, here are three of the top courses you could be starting right now.

January 2018

Difficult interview questions and answers

Not sure what type of biscuit you are (or why you’re even being asked)? Here are some of our favourite tough interview questions, and how to answer them.

Five benefits of personal development

Need to work on your development? It’s time to get personal. To find out exactly how it could help you, here’s everything you need to know about personal development (and five reasons to get started):

Five reasons to work in tech

Looking for a cutting-edge career? It’s time to consider tech. To help you work out whether it’s right for you, here are five reasons to work in tech:

How an AAT qualification helped me find a career in accountancy

We spoke to Zahra Jiwa, who gained her AAT qualification from AVADO, to find out how getting qualified helped kick-start her career in accountancy.

Ask James: How do I turn a temp job into a permanent role?

Career coach and Chairman of, James Reed, gives his top tips on how to turn your temp role into something more permanent.

What’s the difference between a PA and an Executive PA?

We spoke to Souters Training, one of the UK’s top providers of PA and Executive PA courses, to learn more about the roles – and find out how to get started in the industry.

The top companies hiring in January 2018

To help you start 2018 out the right way, here are some of top companies hiring this month that could help you love Mondays.

Eight ways to beat Blue Monday

Ready to start loving (blue) Mondays? To help you turn Blue Monday into a day you love instead of loathe, here are eight ways to beat it:

Jobs in travel

Looking for a career that’s going places? Here are some of the top travel jobs – and our tips on how you can break into the industry.

The top courses to help you get hired January 2018

To help you make 2018 the year of you (and various other clichés), here are three of the top courses you could be taking in January.

Five career New Year’s resolutions you can actually stick to

New Year, new career. To make sure your career is going in the right direction in 2018, here are five career New Year’s resolutions you can actually stick to:

Six ways to make January more bearable

It’s fair to say that January isn’t the most popular of months. We’ve already covered how to survive a January ‘money hangover’, but here are six more ways to make January more bearable:

Five ways to stick to your resolutions 2018

To help you stick it out and make this year more meaningful, here are five great ways to stick to your resolutions in 2018:

How to: Survive a January ‘money hangover’

Struggling with your finances after the festive season? We spoke with the Money Advice Service about what you can do to survive the toughest of months:

December 2017

Payslip checker – your payslips explained

Money might not always equal happiness, but an accurate payslip does. To help you understand exactly what you should be earning, the Money Advice Service answered some key questions around payslips:

The top courses to help you get hired December 2017

Still searching for the perfect gift this Xmas? Here are three courses that could change your life (and/or help you win Secret Santa) this year.

Contractors: How to pay less tax

Are you a Contractor looking to minimise your tax bill? Here’s how taking advantage of a pension could be a great way for you to minimise the amount of tax you pay:

Jobs in the HR industry

Consider yourself a well-informed resource? Here are some of the top career choices in the HR industry (and our top tips to help you get started).