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July 2017

Money saving tips 2017

Money might not buy happiness. But it can help. To help you learn to budget better, here are our top money saving tips for 2017:

The top courses to help you get hired July 2017

No shoes, no shirt, no certification? No problem. To help inspire you, here are three of the best courses you could be starting in July.

How to: Take criticism at work

Criticism is never an easy thing to hear. So to help you take negative feedback gracefully, here’s our guide to how to take criticism at work:

Jobs with children

Want to work with children? To help you get-to-grips with your options, here are five jobs with children – and our advice on how to get your career started:

IT apprenticeships: How to get started

So you want to work in IT, and you understand the benefits of apprenticeships – but how do you get started? Here are some of our top tips.

Four things to take to a job interview

Outfit? Check. Answers? Check. Checklist? Check. We’ve already covered how to prepare for an interview, but here are four things you should always take with you on the big day:

Six ways to make your CV stand out from the crowd

Found a job you like? Excellent. Now it’s time to write the perfect CV. Here are five of our top tips to help yours stand out…

The top companies hiring in July 2017

Looking for a job you don’t need to escape from? Just want to look productive while topping up your tan? Here are some of the top companies hiring in July:

What is cyber security – and how can I find work?

We spoke to the Learning People, one of the UK’s biggest course providers, to find out more about the current cyber security skills shortage.

How to answer: What are your strengths?

Not big on self-promotion? We’ve already covered some of the most common interview questions that could come up, but here’s our advice for how to answer: ‘What are your strengths?’

How to start a blog

Need a way to make your application stand out? Try blogging. To help you get-to-grips with building yours, here are our top tips on how to start a blog:

What are transferable skills?

Not sure you have the right skills for a role? You just might not be making the most of your transferable skills…

June 2017

Six ‘before they were famous’ first jobs

Think you’ll never make it to the top? Don’t panic, because many successful people (from CEOs to celebrities) started out just like you before making it big. To help inspire you, here are six ‘before they were famous’ first jobs:

Accounting jobs: How to get started

Want to get into accountancy? We spoke to the experts at Avado to find out some of their top tips on how to break into the industry.

The top courses to help you get hired June 2017

Ready to change your life? Just want something to read on holiday to make you seem smart? Here are three of the top courses you could be taking in June…

Succession planning: What you need to know

We spoke to the experts at AVADO to find out some of their top tips on succession planning, and how to make sure it works for you.

School leaver CV template

Looking for your first job after leaving school, but worried your lack of experience could harm your chances? Here’s our school leaver CV template.

Relocation: What you need to know

Moving can be stressful. To make sure you make the right decision, here’s everything you need to know about relocating for work:

Grenfell Tower appeal: How to double your donation

The Big Give have raised over £1.5 million for their appeal in five days, thanks to support from business leaders & the public alike. Here’s how you can help.

Six extracurricular activities to add to your CV

Wondering how you can add a little extra to your CV? We’ve already covered whether you should include your hobbies, but here are five extracurricular activities you might want to add to your CV:

The top companies hiring in June 2017

Stuck in a job you can’t stand? Wake up and smell the covfefe. To help you find your perfect position, here are five of the top companies hiring in June.

How to: Choose a career

No idea what you want to do with your life? To avoid being stuck in a job that could potentially make you dread going to work, here are some of the best ways to make sure you choose your career wisely…

Six times saying sorry at work is a bad idea

Always apologising at work? To help you understand when you should (and shouldn’t) say it, here are six times saying sorry at work is a bad idea.

Five of the best-paying summer jobs

Looking to earn over the summer? To help you choose your perfect position, here are just five of the best-paying summer jobs: