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October 2016

Clocks go back: Eight things to do with your extra hour

At 2am on Sunday morning, the clocks go back and we get an extra hour to use however we please. So how can you make best use of your gift of free time? Here are five productive* ways we think you could spend your extra hour:

How hindsight could help you plan your pension

We spoke to the retirement experts, Prudential, whose recent survey reveals what pensioners would change about their retirement planning:

How to: Change careers

Change is a scary thing, especially when it comes to your career. We’ve already covered how to write your CV for a career change, but here are five helpful tips on how to change careers:

What it’s like to work for Apple

Want to take a bite out of Apple? ‘Slide and unlock’ is only the beginning. To make sure you’re clear of the facts, and to give you an insight into the life of an Apple employee – here’s what it’s really like to work for Apple:

Five types of difficult employee (and how to manage them)

Unfortunately, your colleagues won’t always be easy to get along with. To help you address the situation, here’s how to manage some difficult employees.

Five key pension considerations

Not sure you should be paying into a pension? To help you find out the facts, here are five key considerations you need to know before you start planning.

CV layout examples

Writing a CV is tough, but finding the right layout can be even harder. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, here are 13 creative CV layout examples:

Retirement planning: What you need to know

Planning in advance for your retirement is becoming increasingly important. We spoke to retirement planning specialists, Prudential, to find out the facts.

The top courses to help you get hired October 2016

To help bring your career back from the dead, here are three of the top courses you could take on right now (no costume required):

Revealed: Record number of healthcare jobs advertised on

Recently, we attended Talent Leaders Connect’s Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences event, to help expand our knowledge and share some key stats on jobs in the health, medicine, and pharmaceutical sector. Here’s what we covered:

Eight ways to avoid that Sunday night feeling

Can’t seem to shake that Sunday night feeling? To improve your weekend-to-weekday transition, here are eight ways to get rid of the Sunday blues:

Remote working interview questions

Not sure how to prove you’d be great at remote working? To help you with your interview preparation, here are five of the most common remote interview questions – and our advice on how to answer them:

13 ways that The Great British Bake Off is like your job search

To celebrate this series of The Great British Bake Off, here are 13 (completely non-tenuous) ways the show isn’t so different from your job search.

Five benefits of work-life balance

Wondering how work life balance could benefit you? To encourage you to apply it to your everyday situation, here are five benefits of work life balance:

The top companies hiring in October 2016

Looking for a new job this month doesn’t have to be scary. To help inspire you, here are five of the top companies you could be working for right now:

September 2016

Competency-based interviews: What you need to know

You might be familiar with certain interview types, for example telephone interviews or group interviews, but have you ever heard of competency-based interviews?

How to: Overcome common CV issues

Writing a CV can be a challenging task. To help you improve the quality of your CV, here’s how to overcome five of the most common CV issues:

Revealed: What Banking & Finance candidates really want from employers

To help you learn more about what’s really on offer, here are some of the key things we found Banking & Finance candidates want from employers.

What it’s like to work for Facebook

To give you an insight into what it’d be like to be a Facebook employee, here’s what’s it’s like to work there (and our top tips to help you land the job):

How to become a Field Sales Rep

Whether you want to become a Field Sales Rep or you’re looking to develop your career, read our Field Sales Rep Career Guide to find the facts.

Six ways to supplement your income

Want to make more money? Here are six easy ways you could be supplementing your income right now – and how to get started.

How to: Fit work around studying

Not sure you can juggle work and study effectively? To make sure you’re not compromising the quality of your studies or taking on too much, here’s our essential guide to fitting work around studying:

What can I do with my English degree?

When it comes to using your English degree, communication is key. To make sure you know what’s out there, here’s what you can actually do with your English degree:

How to become a Transport Planner

Whether you want to become a Transport Planner or you’re looking to develop your career, read our Transport Planner Career Guide to find the facts.