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May 2017

Succession planning: What you need to know

We spoke to the experts at AVADO to find out some of their top tips on succession planning, and how to make sure it works for you.

14 work email problems everyone has experienced

Work emails are (mostly) great. To help you relate, here are 14 work email problems everyone has experienced:

How to talk about mental health at work

Rohan Kallicharan, Talent Manager at, shared some of his experiences on how (and when) to talk about mental health in the workplace.

Free CV template

Writing your CV, but not sure where to start? Download our free CV template now and find out what recruiters really want in your application:

Five jobs that make a difference

For some people, a great career means more than a high salary. To help inspire you, here are five jobs that make a difference – and how to get into them.

The Gradlife – How to cope with mental health issues as a student

We talked to a current student, who shared her experiences of how she coped with being at university full-time whilst living with anxiety and depression.

15 things you only do with your work BFF

If there’s one thing that helps you get out of bed every morning – it’s your work BFF. To remind you just how important they are, here are 15 things you only do with your work BFF:

The top courses to help you get hired May 2017

You know what you need this month? A challenge. To help find the right opportunity for you, here are three of the most popular courses available in May.

What’s the worst thing you can do at an interview?

We spoke to students to find out what they thought were the worst things you can do at an interview – and gave our top tips on how to avoid them.

Ask James: Will my tattoos and piercings prevent me getting hired?

Worried your tattoos or piercings will cost you the job? Chairman of and career coach, James Reed, gives his advice.

The top companies hiring in May 2017

Looking for a new role this month? May the fourth be with you. To help you find your new start, here are five of the top companies hiring on right now.

April 2017

Second interviews: What you need to know

Great news: you’ve been invited to a second interview. We’ve already covered second interview questions and answers, but here’s everything you need to know about second interviews:

Free cover letter template

Feel like your cover letter could do with some work? Here’s our handy free cover letter template to help get you started.

16 inspirational quotes all jobseekers should read

Great jobs aren’t always easy to find. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And to prove it, we’ve found 16 of the most inspirational quotes that are guaranteed to help you see the bright side (thanks, internet):

What is a sabbatical?

Need a break? Why not take a sabbatical? To help you understand what they’re all about (and how to bring them up with your employer), here’s everything you need to know about sabbaticals from work:

How to: Speak confidently at work

Speaking up isn’t always easy. We’ve already covered what you should and shouldn’t do in presentations, but here are our top tips to help you speak confidently at work:

New jobs up by 17%, as businesses undeterred by Brexit

The jobs market is continuing to grow in 2017 and confidence is on the up, according to our latest data – even after officially triggering Article 50.

Five of the biggest frustrations about looking for a job

Hate job hunting? You’re not alone. To help you get through it, here’s how to deal with five of the biggest jobseeking frustrations.

The Gradlife – How to get experience (without experience)

Our blogger, Lydia Randall, gives her top tips on how to build your work experience (when all the jobs you apply for ask for experience to get started).

Five of the fastest-growing tech jobs in 2017

We spoke to Cambridge Assessment to find out what tech careers are on the rise in 2017 – and how you can stand out to potential employers.

What is lifelong learning?

Not all learning comes in the classroom. To help you see which options are open to you, here’s everything you need to know about lifelong learning.

What is a notice period?

Nobody likes it when you leave without saying goodbye. To make sure you’re doing yours right, here’s everything you need to know about notice periods:

Jobs in the catering industry

Are you hungry for a challenge? Here are some careers to consider in the catering industry and some of our top tips to help you get there:

What type of course is right for me?

Struggling to decide whether you’d suit a classroom course, or you’re more of a distance learner? Find out which type of course is right for you.