Workplace culture

What is workplace culture? Luckily, we’ve got all the answers. Whether you’re looking for advice on management styles, types of workplace culture, dealing with annoying office phrases, or even nailing your Secret Santa gift, this section provides all the advice you need to make your life at work great.

How to: Manage conflict in the workplace

Unfortunately, you won’t always get along with everyone you work with. To make sure workplace conflict isn’t affecting your productivity (not to mention your workplace wellbeing), here are our top tips on managing conflict at work.

How to: Deal with work problems professionally

To help you get over some of your biggest workplace issues, here are five common problems, and our advice on how to deal with them professionally.

10 unwritten rules at work

Some rules are better left unsaid. To help you overcome any workplace faux-pas, here are 10 unwritten rules at work that you should always follow.

How to: Have a positive attitude at work

Think it’s time to for an attitude adjustment? To help you live your best life (and be the best version of you), here’s how to have a positive attitude at work.

What is work-life integration?

All work and no play? You can fix that. To help you figure out how to incorporate it (and to give you an idea of what it is), here’s everything you need to know about work-life integration.

10 office organisation ideas that will transform your cluttered workspace

Need to declutter? We spoke to Stephanie Cvetkovic, Editor at lifestyle blog Expert Home Tips, for some innovative ways to transform your workspace.

Revealed: The 10 most annoying office phrases

Want to instantly irritate you co-workers? Just make sure you use one of the following 10 phrases, and frustration won’t be far off…

Management styles: What you need to know

To help you sort your autocratic leaders from your Laissez-Faire, here are five of the most common management styles (and how to deal with them).

Office Fashion Faux Pas

Picking suitable office attire these days isn’t quite as easy as keeping it suited and booted. To avoid any embarrassing fashion fails, here’s our list of what not to wear.

Five ways to brighten up your workplace

Feel it’s time to add some extra personality to your workspace? Here are five of our favourite ways to spruce up your office.

How to: Get over the midweek slump

When it comes to hump day, the struggle is real. To help you see Wednesdays in a whole new light, here are our top tips for getting over the midweek slump:

Five last-minute Secret Santa gifts

If you’re still struggling for festive inspiration, here are six last-minute gift ideas that ‘Santa’ (and/or you) could be bringing this year:

How to: Deal with awkward situations at work

Have trouble dealing with embarrassing social situations? Here are a few of the most common moments that could come up (and how you should deal with them).

Employee perks: What UK workers really want  

Office perks are something many of us take for granted. But it appears not all workers are getting what they want, according to our latest survey…

Six times saying sorry at work is a bad idea

Always apologising at work? To help you understand when you should (and shouldn’t) say it, here are six times saying sorry at work is a bad idea.

14 work email problems everyone has experienced

Work emails are (mostly) great. To help you relate, here are 14 work email problems everyone has experienced:

How to: Guarantee productive meetings

Ah, meetings. To make sure your meetings aren’t a waste of time, here are our top tips on how to guarantee productive meetings:

14 Christmas cards to instantly impress your co-workers

So it’s your first Christmas in the office and you’re not sure if people ‘do’ cards. To help inspire you, here are 14 of our favourite cards you could send your co-workers this Christmas:

Eight terrible reasons for leaving a job

So you’ve fallen out of love with your job. To help you figure out whether leaving your current position is really the answer, here are eight terrible reasons for leaving a job (and our advice on what you should do instead):

How to: Deal with difficult staff

We’ve already covered some problematic employees you might manage, but to help you move forward, here’s our advice on how to deal with difficult staff.

What it’s like to work for Apple

Want to take a bite out of Apple? ‘Slide and unlock’ is only the beginning. To make sure you’re clear of the facts, and to give you an insight into the life of an Apple employee – here’s what it’s really like to work for Apple:

Five types of difficult employee (and how to manage them)

Unfortunately, your colleagues won’t always be easy to get along with. To help you address the situation, here’s how to manage some difficult employees.

What it’s like to work for Facebook

To give you an insight into what it’d be like to be a Facebook employee, here’s what’s it’s like to work there (and our top tips to help you land the job):

Office perks: Have they lost their pulling power?

Although exciting office perks might make a role seem more appealing, knowing their true importance is vital. But not all candidates (or employers) see benefits as a big deal. So, are office perks a must-have, or have they lost their pulling power?