What job suits me?

It’s not always easy to figure out which job would suit you. That’s why we’ve put together a section covering how to decide what job to look for, along with advice on finding work in a variety of industries (from accounting to sales). So whether you’re looking for tips on how to start work in a certain field, or you just don’t know where to start – you’re in the right place.

Data protection: How a lost USB stick could be the key to finding your ideal career in tech

We spoke to tech experts the Learning People, to learn how something as simple as a lost USB stick could be the key to finding your ideal career in tech.

Five benefits of a return to work programme

We spoke to Deloitte, the world’s largest professional services network, to learn about Return to Work programmes – and why they could be great for your career.

Lean management: What you need to know

Want to learn a more efficient way of working? Here’s everything you need to know about lean – and how you can learn the key princples for free.

Supply teaching vs. permanent teaching – which one is right for you?

Here are the key differences between supply teaching and permanent teaching – and how to tell which one you’d be best suited to.

Top graduate employers 2018

When it comes to graduate jobs, it’s all about finding your perfect match. Here are some of the top graduate employers hiring with reed.co.uk right now.

10 of the highest-paying jobs 2018

Using salary averages from jobs posted on reed.co.uk in 2018, we’ve compiled a list of some of the highest paying jobs you could find right now.

Jobs for morning people

Are you often awake at the break of dawn, twiddling your thumbs and waiting for work to start? We’ve already covered five of the best night jobs, but, here are six jobs for morning people that may suit your routine more than the standard 9-to-5 grind.

What job would suit me?  

Looking for work, but don’t know what job suits you? To help find your perfect match, here are six different personality types, and the careers which suit them best:

Personal Development Plan template

We’ve already covered the basics of what you need to know about Personal Development Plans, but to help you plan in the right way, we’ve put together a free PDP template to get you started:

Five of the best-paying jobs in AI, Machine Learning & Robotics

Jobs in artificial intelligence are officially on the up (and so are salaries). To help inspire you, here are five of the best-paying jobs in AI, Machine Learning & Robotics

What are soft skills?

Not sure what your skills are? To find out how to make the most of them, here’s our guide on soft skills – and how they could help land your next job.

Jobs in Machine Learning

Want to work in machine learning? Here are five of the top machine learning jobs you should look out for, and our top tips on how to get there.

What jobs can I do with a 2:2 degree?

Not sure what roles you can do with your 2:2? To help you get started, here are some great 2:2 degree jobs, and some of our top tips on how you can get there.

Why an online Coding Bootcamp is the fastest way to start a career in tech

We spoke to tech experts the Learning People, to find out more about online coding boot camps – and how they could be the perfect way to kickstart a career in tech.

How to: Get a job in project management (without any experience)

Looking for an exciting new project? Here are some of our top tips on finding work as a Project Manager – and why you don’t necessarily need experience to break into the industry.

Jobs in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Looking for a smarter position? Try artificial intelligence. Here are a few of the best jobs in artificial intelligence (that you could be doing right now):

Jobs in blockchain

Here are five blockchain jobs that you could be doing right now, along with our top tips on how to get involved in this relatively new and fast-moving sector.

Big or small company: Which is right for you

Think size doesn’t matter? Think again. To help you decide what type of company would best suit you, here are a few potential advantages and disadvantages of working for big and small companies:


Nine reasons you should work in marketing

Ready to see advertising in a whole new light? We’ve already covered a few of the best jobs in the marketing industry, but here are nine great reasons you should work in marketing:

What can I do with my marketing degree?

Ready to start marketing your skills? To help you choose your perfect marketing job, here’s our advice on what you can do with your marketing degree:

Five reasons to work in tech

Looking for a cutting-edge career? It’s time to consider tech. To help you work out whether it’s right for you, here are five reasons to work in tech:

How an AAT qualification helped me find a career in accountancy

We spoke to Zahra Jiwa, who gained her AAT qualification from AVADO, to find out how getting qualified helped kick-start her career in accountancy.

What’s the difference between a PA and an Executive PA?

We spoke to Souters Training, one of the UK’s top providers of PA and Executive PA courses, to learn more about the roles – and find out how to get started in the industry.

Jobs in travel

Looking for a career that’s going places? Here are some of the top travel jobs – and our tips on how you can break into the industry.