Writing your CV can be a challenge – especially if you’ve never written one before. So, to instantly improve your applications, try reading our expert CV help. Covering everything from how to write a CV and what to include, right through to free CV templates and pointers for your personal statement, there’s something for everyone. No matter what stage of your career you’re in.

So whether you’re a school leaver creating your first CV from scratch, a recent graduate looking to find a full-time position, or you’ve been out of work for a while and want to refresh your CV – learn everything you need to know about CV writing now.

Graduate CV template

Just graduated, but unsure how to demonstrate your skills and experience on your CV? Here’s our graduate CV template to help you get started:

CV help & tips

Five of the best hobbies to include in your CV

Are you making the most of your hobbies? Here’s how to effectively include hobbies in your CV, and some of the top activities you can use to stand out from the competition.

Four ways to help recruiters find your CV

Here are our top tips to help you optimise your CV for search, and ensure you get headhunted for your perfect position.

Five ways to tell if you need a new CV

Has your CV reached its expiry date? To help you figure out if yours is out of date, here are five ways to tell if you need a new CV:

CV templates

Career change CV template

Looking for a change of direction? Read our career change CV template to help you ace your application.

Retail CV template

Shopping for a new career? To help you stand out in the world of retail, we’ve put together a retail CV template.

Part-time CV template

Looking for something flexible, but not sure your CV is up to scratch? Download our free part-time CV template now:

Personal statements

How to: Write a personal statement

Here are some of our top tips to consider when writing your personal statement – whether it’s for your CV, or to apply for a place at university.

Personal statements for university

Here’s everything you need to know about writing your personal statement for university, and a personal statement example to help you get started.

Personal statement examples

Not sure if you’re going in the right direction with your personal statement? Here are some personal statement examples to inspire you: