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We think Mondays get a bad rep.

For too long they've been overshadowed and overlooked - we're looking at you Friday. Well, we're not standing for it any longer.

Starting right here, we want to encourage everyone to embrace the first most excellent day of the week with a smile. We want the UK workforce to be excited at the thought of going to work. And we want to encourage those who're unhappy in their jobs to take action.'s on a mission to slay the beast of career misery and make Mondays the greatest day of them all.

Are you a member of the bored?

Bored? Dissatisfied? Underpaid? Whatever you want to change at work, it starts here. With thousands of jobs in 42 sectors, across the UK and beyond, it’s time to find a job you love.

Want to move on but don’t have the right skills?

There’s a course for that. Thousands, in fact.

Need some extra help to secure your next job?

Get advice from the experts. CV templates, interview advice - all of it.

Looking for the talent to transform your business?

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Who is James Reed?

James Reed is leading's mission to slay the beast of career misery.

Because we reckon it’s about time the dissatisfied, underappreciated and underpaid took
control of their careers. Together, we want Mondays to be the greatest day of them all.