Employment Law

Contract of employment – key terms explained and your rights

Get to grips with your employment contract and ensure you stay in the know when it comes to signing on the dotted line…

Automatic pension enrolment: FAQ

Have some questions about automatic pension enrolment? Find out the facts with our FAQ.

Employee rights

How to talk about mental health at work

Rohan Kallicharan, Talent Manager at reed.co.uk, shared some of his experiences on how (and when) to talk about mental health in the workplace.

What is a notice period?

Nobody likes it when you leave without saying goodbye. To make sure you’re doing yours right, here’s everything you need to know about notice periods:

Interviews: Questions you should not be asked

Not sure exactly what you can and can’t be asked at an interview? Here’s a list of questions to avoid, and how to answer them should they arise:

Money saving tips

Six ways to supplement your income

Want to make more money? Here are six easy ways you could be supplementing your income right now – and how to get started.

Money saving tips for 2016

Is 2016 the year you finally start saving? To help you keep calm and protect the purse strings, here are some of our top money saving tips for 2016:

Top 5 – Money saving apps 2016

To make sure you stay motivated this year, here are five of our favourite free money saving apps to help you budget better in 2016:

Pensions & saving

Pension consolidation: What you need to know

Not sure what happens to your pension when you change roles? We spoke with Prudential Financial Planning to find out why combining your plans might be right for you.

How hindsight could help you plan your pension

We spoke to the retirement experts, Prudential, whose recent survey reveals what pensioners would change about their retirement planning:

Five key pension considerations

Not sure you should be paying into a pension? To help you find out the facts, here are five key considerations you need to know before you start planning.