Employment Law

Get clued up on your rights with our informative employment law guide, for both employees and employers alike. We’ve got a range of employment law advice, from information on employee rights and pensions, to money saving tips and advice on how to deal with jobseeking discrimination.

Your rights to working in the UK

Not sure if you’re eligible to work in the UK? Here’s our advice:

Types of employment contracts

Your employment contract could vary depending on a number of different factors. To help find out which one works best for you, here’s our guide on the different types of employment contracts:

Employee rights

Bereavement leave: What you need to know

Losing someone you love is never easy. Here’s everything you need to know about bereavement leave.

Your rights to working in the UK

Not sure if you’re eligible to work in the UK? Here’s our advice:

Voluntary redundancy: What are my rights?

We’ve already covered how to deal with redundancy, but here are a few things you need to know should you be offered redundancy voluntarily:

Money saving tips

Budget planner

Always overspending? Our budget planner will help you learn how to budget, and give you a simple breakdown of where you can cut costs.

Money saving tips 2018

Money might not buy happiness. But it can help. To help you learn to budget better, here are our top money saving tips for 2018:

Top 5 – Money saving apps 2017

Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. We’ve already covered money saving tips for 2017, but here are five of the best money saving apps for 2017:

Pensions & saving

Automatic pension enrolment: FAQ

Have some questions about automatic pension enrolment? Find out the facts with our FAQ.

Seven reasons you should pay into a workplace pension

Not sure about the benefits of paying into a pension? To help decide whether you want to or not, we spoke to the Money Advice Service for some expert advice.

Pension consolidation: What you need to know

Not sure what happens to your pension when you change roles? Here’s why combining your pension benefits might be right for you: