Employee rights

Whether you’re looking for information on notice periods, redundancy, tax, employment contracts or anything else surrounding employee rights and responsibilities, this section will tell you everything you need to know about your employee rights in the UK.

Payslip checker – your payslips explained

Money might not always equal happiness, but an accurate payslip does. To help you understand exactly what you should be earning, the Money Advice Service answered some key questions around payslips:

Your rights to working in the UK

Not sure if you’re eligible to work in the UK? Here’s our advice:

The Equality Act: What you need to know

To help you see exactly what’s covered, here’s everything you need to know about the Equality Act – and what it means when it comes to your career.

How to talk about mental health at work

Rohan Kallicharan, Talent Manager at reed.co.uk, shared some of his experiences on how (and when) to talk about mental health in the workplace.

What is a notice period?

Nobody likes it when you leave without saying goodbye. To make sure you’re doing yours right, here’s everything you need to know about notice periods:

Interviews: Questions you should not be asked

Not sure exactly what you can and can’t be asked at an interview? Here’s a list of questions to avoid, and how to answer them should they arise:

Voluntary redundancy: What are my rights?

We’ve already covered how to deal with redundancy, but here are a few things you need to know should you be offered redundancy voluntarily:

What is the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act?

Everyone deserves a second chance in their career. To help you learn your rights, here’s a quick guide to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Second job tax – how much will I have to pay?

Not sure how much tax you need to pay on your second job, or how it will affect your wages? We spoke with The Money Advice Service to find out…

What is the National Living Wage?

From April 1 2016, the Government’s new National Living Wage will become law. To find out if it affects you, here’s our guide on what you need to know.

Types of employment contracts

Your employment contract could vary depending on a number of different factors. To help find out which one works best for you, here’s our guide on the different types of employment contracts:

Why does employment law exist?

To help make sure you know exactly what’s covered, here’s our guide on why employment law exists:

Maternity and paternity leave: What you need to know

Not sure what your maternity or paternity leave entitles you to? Legal & General have put together a helpful guide to fill you in on everything you need to know:

Contract of employment – key terms explained and your rights

Get to grips with your employment contract and ensure you stay in the know when it comes to signing on the dotted line…

Temporary Christmas workers – your rights

With the festive season often leading to a raft of temping opportunities, we spoke with the Money Advice Service about your rights as a temporary worker.

Four things you shouldn’t see in a job advert

We’ve already covered what you should and shouldn’t be asked at an interview. Here are four things you shouldn’t see in a job ad:

One in five of us working an extra day a week in overtime

We asked more than 1,000 UK jobseekers about their working habits to find out how they really feel about overtime…

Basic State Pension: What you need to know

When thinking about your future, it’s vital to know what you’re entitled to. Here’s some information about your basic State Pension.