Following up after an interview

No matter how your interview went, we’ve got the advice you need to handle your interview follow up professionally and effectively. So whether you’re wondering exactly what to do after a job interview, you’re looking for a thank you email template, or you just need help spotting the signs that your interview went well – you’ll find everything you need to follow up after an interview.

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Why should you follow up after an interview?

We always recommend following up after an interview. Not only is it a great way to stand out from other candidates, it’ll also help put your mind at rest when it comes to finding out any potential feedback a recruiter may have. 

When do we recommend following up after an interview?

We recommend reaching out to an employer a few weeks after your interview, to check on any progress. We also suggest sending a quick thank you email afterwards, as a polite and professional way of keeping in touch.

Why hasn’t your interviewer contacted you yet?

It can take somewhere between two and six weeks for a recruiter to get back in touch after an interview. But there are many reasons why an employer hasn’t called – ranging from the number of people they have left to see, right through to sorting out their schedule. To help show some initiative, we suggest making asking for feedback a key part of your post-interview checklist.  

What do we recommend if your interview didn’t go well?

Even if you think your interview went badly, don’t panic. Always focus on what you think went wrong, but don’t dwell on it – and celebrate anything that went well. That way you can turn any potential interview rejection into something to learn from, and improve.