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Looking for work, but don’t know what job suits you? We can help with that…

With a range of roles on offer in a wide variety of different sectors, choosing the right one for you can often feel like a difficult decision to make.

To help find your perfect match, here are six different personality types, and the careers which suit them best:


If you’re creative…

If creativity is your main strength, a job that allows you to implement new ideas and make use of your resourcefulness is vital to ensuring you’re happy and fulfilled at work.

Elements of this can be found in a variety of roles in the media, digital & creative industries, and deciding where your creativity (and passion) lies, will allow you to pick the most suited career for your attributes.

For example, if you’re passionate about design or illustration, a career in graphic design or photography (and to a lesser extent, interior design) might be for you. If you’re more interested in fashion and beauty, beauty therapy, fashion buying or make-up might suit you better.

Other creative opportunities could also involve copywriting or editing. And, if you’re looking to combine your creativity with more technical-based skills, you could choose to pursue a role in web design or development.

What you need: an artistic, imaginative, and inventive approach to your work, as well as the ability to put forward and take on board new ideas.

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If you have excellent organisational skills…

If the ability to organise is your strongest attribute, you need a job that involves planning, order, and accuracy.

Luckily, there’s a range of different ways you could put your skills to use – from pursuing admin, secretarial and PA roles and opportunities in HR, to taking on a career as an Event Manager.

And whether you want to go down the management route and organise projects, tasks, or lead a team, or your specialties lie in arranging services for customers or colleagues, there’ll be a role that suits you.

Additionally, customer service jobs, accountancy and finance positions, and even work in manufacturing or transport and logistics, should suit your personality type perfectly.

If you’re still struggling, try specifically searching for jobs that highlight “excellent organisational skills” (including the quotation marks) and the filtering by sector – it should help to narrow down your options.

What you need: excellent attention to detail, with a natural aptitude for organisation and ordered routine.

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If you enjoy helping people…

If you’re happiest when making other people happy, a role that involves caring for and looking after others might suit you best.

Roles in social care are probably the most obvious choice (e.g. caring for children or the elderly). However, you could choose to combine your passion with a degree, and put your helpful nature into practice as a Nurse, Doctor or Counsellor, or choose to take on another specialty within the health & medicine sector.

Alternatively, working within the education system, and helping others learn new things – whether it’s teaching at a primary or secondary school, or working as a private tutor – could be another way to make the most out of your attributes.

What you need: an ability to work closely with people, keep a calm and understanding approach in difficult situations, and listen to/solve problems.

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If you’re a practical person…

If you’re interested in something hands-on, and working with machines and tools appeals to you, learning a trade could be the perfect way to utilise your practical skills.

This could mean working in traditional trades, such as plumbing or carpentry, in the broad fields of construction or manufacturing, or even going down the engineering route.

Additionally, you could consider a career in the emergency services or armed forces. Although it’s worth bearing in mind that as well as requiring a practical approach to do the job, excellent physical fitness and stamina will also be necessities to succeed in these roles.

Finally, if you’re interested in sports, you could also consider becoming a Personal Trainer, a Football Coach, or perhaps a PE teacher – where your work will always involve an active approach. Those who enjoy sitting down need not apply…

What you need: a hands-on approach to your work, combined with dedication, drive, and an excellent work ethic.

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If you’re logically minded…

Whether you’re an analytical thinker, you enjoy solving problems, or you’re interested in science and maths, career paths for logically minded people can be incredibly varied.

For example, if you’re fascinated by learning new things and carrying out experiments, a career in scientific research or forensics could suit you. Alternatively, you could use your excellent problem solving skills and technical mind to pursue a career in engineering or architecture.

Mathematically minded people will also be suited to analytical roles in banking, accountancy and stockbroking, as well as other finance or STEM based fields.

Finally, tech and coding jobs should also suit your skills. Especially in areas such as programming and development.

What you need: a logical and meticulous approach to your work, alongside patience and excellent attention to detail.

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If you’re an extrovert…

If you’re confident, outgoing, and enjoy working with people, you should pursue a career that’s customer/client-facing.

Whether you want to use your excellent communication skills to negotiate sales or work in recruitment, you’re keen on guiding and assisting others in a customer service based role, or you’d rather focus on implementing a brand personality within a marketing or PR position, there are a range of opportunities that will allow you to utilise your skills.

And, roles involving customer service are extremely varied and span across various different fields.

So, whether you want to combine your communication skills with your knowledge of computer systems in an IT support role, or you want to advise customers using your extensive knowledge of fashion in a retail based position, you certainly won’t be limited on choice.

What you need: an assertive, likeable personality, together with an ability to keep customers or clients happy.

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