Five futuristic jobs that actually exist right now

Looking for a job with a future? You’re in luck (DeLorean on standby)…

With technology advancing, the jobs we do are changing too.

And while augmented reality architects and smart city urban planners may not be the most common job titles in today’s world, roles that utilise smart technology and improve sustainability are definitely on the forefront when it comes to what we expect of the near future.

To give you a glimpse of what’s already out there, here are five futuristic jobs that actually exist right now:


3D-Printed Clothing Designer

Looking for a job where you can (literally) stand out? 3D-printed clothing design could be for you…

As 3D printing technology becomes more and more advanced, 3D-printed clothing designers are emerging as increasingly in demand within the fashion industry. And, let’s face it, who says clothes can’t be computer generated?

Not only is 3D printing being used on designs featured on runway shows across Milan and New York, it’s also revolutionising the manufacturing process in other ways, in the form of 3D printed jewellery, accessories, and bathing suits.

All you need is a few layers of material, a solid design to follow, and a computer that knows what it’s doing. Simple.

Perfect for: People who like making things.

Avoid if: You struggle to use the office printer on your own.


Augmented Reality Architect

Augmented reality: like reality, but better.

Augmented reality works by providing a copied view of reality, which can then be altered and changed using computer-generated sensory input – and it’s becoming something many industries are interested in exploring.

From film and video games, to architecture and therapy, this technology allows designers to create new, immersive experiences that will transform the way we build, see, and do things.

And whether it’s through using augmented reality to place a 3D model of architectural plans onto an existing space, or combining real-life images with computer generated graphics to produce a video game, Augmented Reality Architects play a big part in the creation of new products and structures.

Perfect for: People with good imaginations.

Avoid if: You still haven’t quite got over The Matrix.


Big Data Architect

Want to level-up your analysis skills? It’s all about the big data…

Whether they’re finding out what a large amount of data means, or creating blueprints from scratch, a Big Data Architect’s work involves a high level of strategic thinking combined with an advanced knowledge of database structures.

And, with big businesses growing, the need for big data architects in today’s job world is increasing too.

After all, without them, businesses wouldn’t be sure what their data means for their company and its future.

Perfect for: People who can always see the bottom line.

Avoid if: You’ve got an irrational fear of big numbers.


Certified UAV Pilot

Unmanned automatic vehicles (UAVs), or drones, could range from full-sized planes to something small enough to fit in your hand. They’re controlled remotely, and are used in situations where a human pilot may be in danger or find it difficult to get around.

With industries like the military, consumer goods, and the arts presenting a need for drones, the chances for you to become a certified pilot could be becoming increasingly likely.

So, if your flying skills are already on an expert level (and you’ve outgrown the remote control toys), it’s probably only a matter of time before you’re using specialist drones to deliver groceries, take photos, or research hard-to-reach places.

Perfect for: People who like to be in control.

Avoid if: You still haven’t recovered from your remote control helicopter crash of ’98.


Smart City Urban Planner

Want to build a better future? Whether you’re inspired by the various eco-friendly messages surrounding you*, or you’re just a fan of good architecture, smart city planning can be an appealing path to follow…

Urban planning has many purposes – to maintain a good traffic flow, improve sustainability, utilise space, and to prepare for the new kinds of traffic the not-so-distant future will bring to the roads (cue: flying cars).

In a nutshell, this future-focused role is all about using smart technologies to create a better functioning (and more environmentally friendly) city – that’ll last as long as possible, no matter what the future holds.

NB: skills in Sim City will only get you so far…

Perfect for: People who are always finding better ways to do things.

Avoid if: You never separate metals and plastics.    


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*We’re looking at you, Wall-E…


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3 comments on “Five futuristic jobs that actually exist right now

  1. Sara Oumina - May 18, 2016 at 13:29

    Great article. I love your writing style!

  2. Matthew Pearson - May 22, 2016 at 12:22

    I do like these articles but when you just throw in “Certified UAV Pilot” as a job that’s just out there for the taking, I’ve got to take a step back! I am a keen RC modeller who owns and flies UAV’s (drones, if you must) and a Helicopter Mechanic by trade but as I haven’t had the time or funds to get my CAA qualification, an existing PPL holder or have been involved through the military, I have two hopes of getting a job within the industry and one of them is called Bob!!!! Needless to say, I have tried on many occasion to try and get my foot in the door! Unfortunately, it would seem that any of the positions advertised are being done so so as to remain ‘legal’ and that the relevant candidate has already been selected (quite probably someone leaving the Army already having done the role!!??). It may appear that I have a defeatist attitude to this but I have been in the aviation industry for a long time now and have experienced almost every aspect and understand how these things work, sad but true!

  3. Amber Eliot - October 13, 2016 at 20:58

    To be honest Matthew, most of the jobs listed on here are specialist roles within specialist industries and would probably take someone years of study to get to the kind of level where they could apply for such positions (engineering, computing etc) so none of them are really out there for the taking, sadly. However, I think this article was meant as a fascinating bit of fun as opposed to jobs that people such as you and I can just go ahead and apply for. The role you highlighted does sound ridiculously restrictive though! And there was I thinking the barrier to getting into office administration was a big one!