11 dream jobs that actually exist

Dreaming of a better role?

No matter how much you love your job, the grass can sometimes seem greener in a new position – especially if it only exists in your wildest dreams. But don’t give up hope just yet. There are a range of unique jobs that actually exist – and they might not be as out of reach as you think (well, only a little bit).

To give you serious job envy, here are 11 dream jobs (that actually exist):


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  1. Professional Cuddler

Yep, professional cuddling is a thing.

Designed to give lonely people some much-needed company, hugging for money has become a popular job amongst cuddle enthusiasts who don’t mind where their hugs come from.

Essentially, you get hired by a stranger to cuddle for a few hours, you earn lots of money, and according to professional cuddling rules – there are absolutely no ulterior motives. Phew.


  1. Penguinologist

Get your coat – the penguins need you.

Penguinologists are Zoologists who specialise in researching all things penguin. They might have to work in freezing conditions, but what they do helps to reduce potential threats on penguins’ habitats.

NB: this job will not involve igloos, no matter what Pingu tells you…

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  1. Bed Warmer

Want to become a human electric blanket?

If you work a select few hotels, you can. They hire people to warm up guests’ beds before they enter the room – all so hotel goers can get a better nights’ sleep.

In fact, Sleep Centre Director Dr Chris Idzikowski (a guy with an equally cool job title) explains that there’s plenty of scientific evidence to prove that it works. Well, you can’t argue with science…


  1. Tea Taster


Tea = happiness.

The good news is that it also doubles up as a pretty great job. Not only do they get to drink tea for a living, Tea Tasters also get a generous starting salary, and get to travel around the world. Living. The. Dream.

And if you don’t like tea, don’t panic. Ice Cream, Beer, Wine, and Chocolate Testers are also real opportunities. Where do we sign up?


  1. Waterslide Tester

Although you might not see it in your daily job search – that doesn’t mean it’s not a real thing.

One lucky person became a Waterslide Tester back in 2013, and got to travel all over the world to test all kinds of waterslides. It’s basically like getting paid to go on holiday.

And the best thing of all? No queues.


  1. Fortune Cookie Writer

Who do you think writes the messages in fortune cookies?

Well, it actually could be you. Learn to write a unique piece of creative wisdom in ten words or less, and your work could be the profound treat restaurant goers get at the end of every meal.

Fortune Cookie Writers are usually employed freelance, and a variety of contributors ensure the messages stay fresh – and that they have the manpower to churn out millions per day.


  1. Professional Sleeper

Good news: your dreams of napping at work have finally come true.

Professional Sleepers are mainly employed by researchers and doctors, who study how sleep affects certain aspects of their brain and heart rate. Essentially, they’re sleeping for the good of science – whilst their bodies unknowingly do all the work.

Some mystery shopping companies and hotels also hire Professional Sleepers to test guests’ experiences first-hand. It’s officially the comfiest job ever.


  1. Netflix Tagger

For many of us, binge watching Netflix is a part of life. So why not get paid for it?

Professional Netflix Taggers are a real thing, and they’re employed solely to watch and tag shows and movies based on genre and type. Chilling optional.

Without them, Netflix wouldn’t be able to recommend a similar show to fill the hole that finishing the last one has made in your life.

Making the world a better place, one TV show at a time…


  1. Panda Nanny

Any task or activity involving real-life pandas probably sounds like the dream.

But this is better than a dream. This is a paid job – and it involves working alongside volunteers from all over the world to make sure pandas are happy and looked after. You play with them, cuddle them, and ‘share their joys and sorrows’.

Just don’t try to teach them Kung Fu. Pandas are clumsy, and some things are best left in the movies.


  1. Food Stylist

It’s not just people who need professional stylists.

If you think the food you see in adverts and magazines woke up like that – you’re wrong. In fact, if it wasn’t for Food Stylists organising it in a creative way, you might not even want to eat it at all (or maybe, just not as much).

After all, who wants to buy a burger with terrible lighting and a bad cheese to meat ratio?


  1. Island Caretaker

What’s even better than going on holiday? Getting paid £100,000+ to go on holiday.

That’s right. Six months, six figures, rent free. And if you were lucky enough to become an Island Caretaker, that’s exactly what you’d do.

The job involves typical holiday activities such as snorkelling and strolling down sandy beaches – and all the tourism company wanted in return was an engaging blog and photo diary.

Brb while we pack our bags…


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2 comments on “11 dream jobs that actually exist

  1. Rebecca Jane Alderman - December 13, 2017 at 12:50

    Where on earth would you be able to find such jobs… they all sound wonderful!!

  2. Shadowlady - December 7, 2018 at 21:34

    Some of these jobs are really for volunteers others for the rich with contacts. I agree with Rebecca Jane Alderman. I have never seen these jobs advertised in mainsteam media.