Short Film Competition winners – where are they now? short film competition winners where are they now?

So the time has come, and we can finally reveal the winners of the Short Film Competition 2014…

12 filmmakers made this year’s shortlist and are on their way to global mega stardom and critical acclaim (or at the very least, to make some rather nice adverts). There could, however, only be one winner. With a three minute deadline for time, and a theme of Family Business, it was director Rhys Edwards film ‘A Good Bitch that took home the Grand Prix prize.

For Rhys and many of the writers and directors of the shorts, their career in the film industry is just beginning. But what’s happened to the previous winners of the award, and how have their careers changed as a result? Here’s where some of them are now…

2013 winner – ‘Ambition’ theme

Michael O’Kelly’s film ‘The Runner’, a mockumentary style look at life for a runner on the set of Call The Midwife, won both the main prize and the people’s choice award in 2013.

And although it’s only been a short time since he won, his career already has gone from strength to strength as a result.

O’Kelly admitted ‘Winning the Short Film Competition meant I was taken seriously as a filmmaker. I’ve since been commissioned to produce and direct small projects for BBC comedy, managed a documentary on clown doctors and I’m producing a comedy web series ‘The Incidentals’.

2012 winner – ‘The Boss’ theme

2012’s Grand Prix Winner was The Boss’, directed by Alex Emslie.

The film’s tagline was ‘One 9-to-5er turns to office supplies to exact revenge on her boss’. Think classic Kung-Fu movie meets The Office, with added paper clips.

The Boss became a smash hit on Vimeo and racked up over a quarter of a million views, featuring on the front page of Yahoo in Japan.

Alex has gone on to direct for clients including Argos and Skype, and is currently working on a feature script.

2011 winner – ‘Monday’ theme

Since winning the Short Film Competition in 2011 with their short epic ‘Spread the Word’, a lot has changed for Ben Ridolfi and Phil Derham.

Not only did the competition cement a long term creative bond for the duo, but it also gave them the confidence to pursue their dreams.

They now run their own successful production company – Park District, which was founded in 2012, producing everything from more theatrical shorts to fitness videos and promos for L’Oreal and Cosmopolitan.

2010 winner – ‘The Workplace’ theme

Oscar Sharp’s short film, ‘Sign Language’, went on to win the Virgin Media Shorts film competition in 2010.

It was screened in 200 cinemas nationwide, nominated for a BIFA, reached the final 15 for a BAFTA, was selected for festivals, including Aspen and Palm Springs, and named among The Best Of YouTube by YouTube.

In 2012, Oscar won a Fulbright scholarship to study film at New York University

Jonethan Brooks & Mat Laroche

It’s isn’t just Grand Prix winners that go on to bigger and better things.

Having won the 2012 Judges’ Commendation Award and the 2011 People’s Choice Award for The Devil’s Apricot and Monday’s A Fine Day respectively, CHIPS (as they’re collectively known) went on to create’s hugely successful TV advertising campaigns, not to mention Britain’s best performing You Tube campaign ever.

They are now signed to Paul Weiland’s company, Mistress Films, have worked with Volvo, Mazda, Allinson and won a British Arrow award for their innovative Save The Children campaign.

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