Five reasons to work in tech

Looking for a cutting-edge career? It’s time to consider tech…

The tech industry offers a wide range of opportunities in everything from web development and software engineering, through to UX and analytics. And whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, there’ll be something out there to suit your skills.

To help you work out whether it’s right for you, here are five reasons to work in tech:


Tech jobs are increasing

With the number of job opportunities on the up, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

Looking for proof? Tech jobs on have risen 13% compared to this time last year, with 21,000 new roles added in the last month alone. And if development is your preferred field, you’re in luck.

Junior Developer (+2.9%), Web Developer (+8.7%), Software Developer (+62.2%) and Lead Web/Software/Full Stack Developer (+131.8%) positions stand as the top four fastest growing tech roles.

So not only are there great opportunities for those looking to break into the industry, there are also a growing number of exciting prospects for current tech professionals.

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It’s one of the happiest industries

When it comes to job satisfaction, tech has got you covered.

Not only do 1 in 12 candidates choose it as their preferred sector, 87% of those currently working in tech actually enjoy their work.

And with varied day-to-day duties, and the the opportunity to freelance or work flexibly in many tech positions (which is consistently voted as one of the most desirable company perks) – it comes as no surprise.

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Salaries are on the rise

Tech jobs aren’t just enjoyable; they also offer lucrative salaries. And the great part is, they’re getting even better.

Within the last year, average IT salaries have risen 6% – from £49,896 to £53,069, making it a great industry for those who want to progress in their career. Not to mention earn a decent wage.

And that’s not all. 88% of tech professionals say they earn enough to meet living standards.

So even if you’re not likely to be a top earner just yet, the vast majority of those working in the sector won’t have to worry when it comes to paying the bills.


Tech employers value culture

If you’re looking for job that comes with an open, quirky, and fun work environment, you’ve come to the right place.

With Silicon Valley giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook leading the way, most tech organisations place precedence on employee happiness; both through attractive perks (e.g. subsidised travel, free food, gym membership) and morale boosting incentives.

And it’s not just the benefits that make tech culture great. The people who work in this industry are incredibly talented, enthusiastic about their work, and dedicated to a constant culture of learning.

So you’ll get to work with a wide range of bright and likeminded individuals, and work with the shared goal of making a difference through tech.


You don’t always need a degree

If you a degree in computer science to get into tech, you could be wrong.

With a number of courses and online resources available, gaining essential skills (from coding to IT support) could be easier than you think – no matter if you want to study part-time, full-time, or remotely. All you need is an interest in tech and a willingness to learn.

And, the transition from your current industry doesn’t need to be difficult either. Simply find ways to incorporate tech into your day-to-day, and draw attention to your transferable skills when applying for roles.

So whether it’s coding on your commute, or learning a new programming language in your lunch break, a few hours a week could be all it takes to find your perfect role in tech.

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