11 things you realise when you start working from home

So working from home is officially the new normal…

Technically, you’re still at work. The only differences are, your commute is infinitely shorter, your new colleagues are always meowing or asking for snacks, and video chat is the new face-to-face. OK, there are quite a few differences.  

If you’ve found yourself suddenly working from home for the foreseeable future, here are 11 things you’ve probably realised: 


1. Your furniture has a whole new use now

No longer do you simply sit on your sofa and sleep in your bed. Your furniture has now transformed – into something much better – a desk/meeting room/bed/sofa/chair/eating station hybrid, with wings.* 

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2. You’ll be so grateful for that extra hour in bed 

So long, awkwardly trying to sleep on the train. Unfortunately though, you’ll make up for it by not being able to sleep till 1am.


3. You can’t function unless you’re surrounded by copious amounts of snacks 

Sure, you told yourself you’d be healthier at home. But this Twix won’t eat itself. 


4. You’ll get lonelier than you thought you would

Your housemate. Your parents. That pigeon on the windowsill. They are now your targets…for friendship. 


5. You’ll have night pyjamas and day pyjamas 

Because who would work from home in jeans? A monster, that’s who. 


6. You might actually miss the office 

“I wonder what Sandra is doing right now. Is her cat OK? Who is making her cups of tea? Jeez I need to know. Better IM her.”


7. You can’t work with the TV on 

Just put on something boring for background noise, you said. It’ll be fine, you said. You were wrong. Turns out you can become addicted to anything. We’re talking about you, Homes Under the Hammer. 


8. You’ll realise how much time you spend on your commute 

And you’ll use it to work on all those important projects you’ve been meaning to start. Lol JK, you’ll spend it in bed. 


9. You’ll actually save a lot of money 

To your surprise, you didn’t actually need to spend £3 on a coffee every day (but you probably still want to).


10. You’re never really sure what day it is

Remember when you had a favourite day, and a least favourite day? That’s the old you. The new you sees all days equally. Mostly because you’re never sure which one it is. 


11. You actually like routine

You’ll probably try a laissez faire approach at first; you don’t need no rules, you tell yourself. Time is a construct, you say. Then suddenly it’s 4pm and you’re scrambling to get everything done in an hour. How’s that routine looking now, champ? 

Pretty. Damn. Good. 

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* Probably won’t have wings.