16 things every commuter feels on the way to work

Ah, the daily commute…

Whether you travel by train, bus, car, or bike, the journey to work can often be a challenge – especially if you’re travelling to a job you don’t enjoy. Not only do you have to deal with your fellow commuters’ somewhat questionable behaviour, you also have to make it through the crowds to actually get to work on time.

We can help you find a better journey to your dream job . But, in the meantime, here are 16 things every commuter feels on the way to work:


  1. Leaving ten minutes late is totally fine. I can just run for the bus.


  1. Phew, I’m actually two minutes early.


  1. *Misses train anyway*


  1. Why are there so many people?


  1. OK guys, if we all just get on in an orderly fashion – everyone will get a seat.


  1. Or we could push and shove like it’s a matter of life or death. That’s cool too.


  1. Keep. Eyes. Open.


  1. *Wakes up drooling on fellow passenger* Oops.


  1. What’s that smell? Sweat? Lynx? Hairspray? Oh, it’s all three…


  1. No Sharon, the train is not the place to eat an egg sandwich.


  1. *Stares into space* oh god, he definitely thought I was looking at him. Quick, look around. Look at your shoes. Read the adverts. Oh great, now I need to buy a new bed.


  1. I think I’ve accidentally got on a train plagued with the biggest coughing epidemic of 2017.


  1. Do we really need the driver to tell us to use space on the train? Surely that’s common…oh, wait. We do.


  1. Dead battery, no headphones. Is this what hell feels like?


  1. You are a strong independent person, and you CAN get through the crowds to get off.


  1. Ugh, maybe I’ll wait for the next stop.

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