Workplace words glossary: A dictionary of the most used slang words in the workplace

The slang word ‘goals’ is anticipated to be the most used workplace phrase of the year in 2023, with the lines between people’s personal and workplace vocabularies becoming increasingly blurred.

We went on a mission to understand how social media trends are having an impact on people’s lingo in the workplace. Data shows that 30% of Brits find themselves using slang more frequently within the workplace now than before the pandemic, with 34% of people picking up new terms from their colleagues.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, people revealed they do this to fit in (16%) and bond with their colleagues (14%), which ultimately helps them love their jobs more.

For those of you who want to know how to use the next it-words, we have put together a list of the top 10 most frequently used slang words in the workplace, so that you can also start throwing these trending words around.


To describe something desirable, and is applicable in any context, such as a ‘couple goals’, ‘gym goals’, and even ‘outfit goals’. It can also be used by itself, to replace other positive words such as ‘great’ or ‘amazing’.

“I started this job three weeks ago and I’ve already been promoted, and my colleagues make me breakfast every day.”
“No way, that’s goals!”

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Feeling it

Agreeing with something positively, or that it sits well with you.

“I’ve put together this presentation and used a different design to what we normally use. What do you think?”
“Yes, I’m feeling it.”
“We should go bowling after the work drinks.”
“Nah I’m not feeling it, bowling isn’t my thing.”

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The instinctive feeling that someone has about a place, a situation or a person and is used to describe something both good and bad.

“I put on some reggae music in the office today since it’s Friday.”
“Yes, it’s a vibe.”
“My colleague keeps on putting her dirty dishes on my desk when she’s eaten.”
“That’s not the vibe.”

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Something unoriginal, uninteresting, or characterless. Can be used as an equivalent to ‘boring’ when referring to a person or situation rather than an object.

“My new co-worker is nice, but he only listens to chart music, never has his own opinion, and only likes things that are mainstream or trending.”
“He sounds so basic.”
“My boss has yet again suggested to do a pub quiz at our Christmas party.”
“That’s so basic, there are so many more fun things that we could do instead.”

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Hits different

A phrase used to describe something that’s significantly better than usual or is better under certain circumstances.

“Coffee just hits different when you have it in the office.”
“Lunch just hits different when it’s being paid for by work.”

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It’s giving

With roots in African-American English and New York Ballroom culture, it has made its way into social media in recent years. It can be used by itself as a positive affirmation, similar to ‘feeling it’, or with an added noun after it which describes what you think of a person or situation.

“I love your outfit, it’s giving.”
“My colleague said something really sexist earlier in a meeting…it’s giving ignorance!”

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Used to describe something that’s over the top, or when someone is trying too hard, or being overly dramatic.

“My colleague started crying when we ran out of Diet Coke in the vending machine.”
“No way! That’s so extra.”

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Similar to the dictionary definition of the word, ‘iconic’ is used to describe how amazing something or someone is.

“My boss put on the new Miley Cyrus breakup song in the office today after she found out that her husband cheated.”
“That’s iconic.”

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Sleep on

A phrase used to describe something that’s not getting the attention it deserves.

“My boss is really sleeping on my colleague’s photography skills. She’s really good but never gets to show it off.”

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The act of thinking something into existence, with roots in spiritual practices and self-help strategies that argue individual’s wishes can come true by mentally visualising them.

“I told myself I was going to secure my dream job yesterday and found out today that I’ve got it.”
“Wow, congratulations! You really manifested that.”

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We hope this list can help people understand the slang terms from online culture that have creeped into the workplace. Whether you want to broaden your vocabulary or just fancy using new words to describe something, don’t ‘sleep on’ the impact it might have in the office!