What not to do at interview

What not to do at interview

Inappropriate dress and turning up late. Two things to avoid on a date and two things you should definitely steer clear of in a job interview

We asked 200 recruiters to share their all-time top faux-pas when it comes to attending an interview. And they shared some gems.

First up is the candidate who arrived ten minutes late, all dressed and ready to go…to the beach. Told to dress smartly, our interviewee chose his best Hawaiian shirt and trainers. And, to complete his hat-trick of howlers, his phone rang half way through the interview.

Next up, taking preparedness to an all-new low, was the candidate who couldn’t answer any questions about his CV. Why? ‘Because his sister had written it for him’.

But it’s not just dressing badly and failing to prepare that can hamper your success at interview. Overconfidence, cockiness and arrogance are amongst the traits interviewers can object to the most.

One senior manager recalled interviewing an older candidate who, when questioned, responded: ‘Come on, son, dig deep’. Needless to say, this less-than-humble approach didn’t get him very far.

But perhaps the ultimate interview nightmare is the one described by a recruiter from the South West, who told us of the time an interview was interrupted, as the candidate had a visitor. Having argued with her partner beforehand, the interviewee’s boyfriend decided that making up was more important than completing an interview. And so, that’s where it ended (the interview, not the relationship).

Succeeding at interview is a balancing act. Whilst a professional, confident and well-prepared approach is essential, it’s equally as important to remain humble, inquisitive and appreciative of the opportunity you’re being given. Good advice for a date, too.

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