Three coffee franchises you could own right now

It turns out, coffee does more than just keep us awake…

With an average of 1.7bn cups of coffee sold every year, and 18,000 outlets nationwide providing Brits with their much-needed caffeine fixes – it’s safe to say that the UK coffee industry is booming.

If you’re passionate about little brown beans, and want to be your own boss, starting your own coffee franchise be the perfect career move for you. You just need to know where to start.

To help inspire you, here are three coffee franchises you could own right now:


  1. Really Awesome Coffee

Set up in 2010, Really Awesome Coffee runs on a mobile coffee model.

In other words, they use state of the art equipment to bring coffee and other food and drink to local businesses and events – wherever they are. Something which is working well for their 23 current UK franchises.

Successful franchisees can look forward to a flexible and fast-paced working environment, as well as a fully integrated training programme, and support every step of the way.

So whether you’re keen on entering the lucrative market of coffee, or you just want to bring better beverages to the masses, Really Awesome Coffee ticks all the boxes.


  1. Cafe2U

Whether they’re delivering coffee and food to businesses, or providing refreshments for events and functions, Cafe2U provides a great opportunity for anyone wanting build a successful business in coffee.

Also running on a mobile model, they’ve already got 220 people all over the world involved in running their own mobile coffee business. And with franchisees benefiting from the use of their own converted van (AKA ‘the supreme bean machine’) plus training, it isn’t hard to see why.

You even recieve a full training programme, accelerated launch package, and a marketing pack – ensuring excellent momentum for every single Cafe2U franchisee.


  1. 200 Degrees Coffee

200 Degrees Coffee pride themselves on their ethically sourced coffee beans, roasted on site.

Their flagship store is based in Nottingham, but you could be taking their artisan approach to coffee drinking to a town near you – if you choose to get involved.

200 Degrees Coffee are committed to helping their franchisees’ coffee shops succeed, and along with a coffee franchise and successful brand name, they also offer franchisees the best beans, blends, and barista equipment.

Full training and support is additionally part of the package, and they’ll even assist with the installation of the coffee machines. Which is good news if DIY isn’t your thing…


What do you need?

Remember: franchises won’t succeed without hard work.

Aside from an interest in the coffee industry, you’ll also need excellent management and sales skills, alongside a high level of determination and drive, to help run your own franchise effectively.

And, with a quick and semi-assisted set-up, franchisees are required to be self-motivated fast learners – skills that are also essential in giving your business a head-start in a competitive market.


Is it worth it?

If the thought of becoming your own boss sounds like your dream working style, owning a coffee franchise might be the best way to make this a reality.

Not only will you get to work flexible hours and benefit from a better work/life balance, you’ll also have the potential of earning a good income – with the coffee business currently thriving in the UK.

After all, where would any of us be without our daily coffee and snack fix? Probably asleep…


What does the future look like?

The UK’s love for coffee is on the rise, and this thriving sector is estimated to bring £15bn into the economy by 2020 – proving that those daily coffees really do add up…

To keep up with demands, the number of coffee outlets are expected to increase too, comfortably exceeding 30,000 outlets by 2025.

In other words, coffee = business success for the foreseeable future.


Where do I sign up?

To find out more about becoming your own boss, view all available coffee franchises now.