Six reasons to become PRINCE2® qualified right now

Six reasons to become PRINCE2® qualified right now

Considering a PRINCE2® qualification but not sure what it can do for you?

Whether you’re a project management pro or you’re just looking to enter the industry and you’re sure where to start, becoming PRINCE2® qualified could be the perfect way to kick-on in your career.

Don’t believe us? Here are six reasons you should take a PRINCE2® course right now:

1. Because it’s the industry standard

If you’re looking to work in project management, look no further.

PRINCE2® is a globally recognised qualification, endorsed by the UK government, and best practice for project management. It has become an essential benchmark of capability within the industry, and is considered a key qualification for those looking to progress their project management careers.

2. You’ll become more employable

Many companies ask for their Project Managers to be PRINCE2® qualified as a pre-requisite.

It’s also structured in a way to help both entry-level and more experienced project managers progress their career. Completion of the PRINCE2® Foundation qualification will allow you to start applying for Project Administrator and PMO Co-ordinator positions right away.

Once you’re PRINCE2® Practitioner qualified, becoming a fully-fledged Project Manager or Programme Co-ordinator is easily achievable.

3. You’ll be qualified in next to no time

All three PRINCE2® certifications are quick to complete, ranging from 20-50 hours for the entry-level PRINCE2® Foundation level, to two or three days for the PRINCE2® Practitioner and Professional levels.

The first level can be studied online, at your own pace, allowing you to fit your studies around your schedule. And, if you’re looking to get qualified fast, there are a number of packages which bundle the different classifications together.

4. You’ll earn more money

Jobs looking for PRINCE2® Foundation qualified candidates offer an average annual salary of £32,000. Once PRINCE2® Practitioner has been completed, this figure could potentially rise to the £50,000 mark.

So not only is it attractive in the short term, there are also a number of long-term financial benefits of a PRINCE2® qualified career.

5. You’ll open global doors

PRINCE2® qualifications are recognised and respected around the world. So aside from reinforcing your skillset to potential employers domestically, it also opens up a number of opportunities across the globe.

So if you’ve ever wanted to work or travel abroad, project management could be the perfect option.

6. You’ll manage projects more successfully

Finally, the successful delivery of a project depends on a number of different factors, including (but not limited to) it coming out on time, to a certain level of quality, and within budget.

PRINCE2® provides Project Managers with the structure they need to ensure all deadlines are met, and that there is a framework in place to help hit core KPIs. What’s more, PRINCE2® is designed to be flexible, and can be tailored to any kind of project, regardless of size and industry you work in.

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