Five surprising jobs in charity that you could be doing right now

Think you have to work in fundraising to make a difference? Think again…

Although working in the charity sector is often linked to fundraising alone, there’s actually a lot more you could be doing to support your favourite cause. From working in marketing or events, to finance or administration, there are opportunities out there to suit every skillset.

Not sure where to start? We spoke to the Big Give, the UK’s biggest platform connecting donors to projects they’re passionate about, who revealed five surprising jobs in charity that you could be doing right now:


Marketing Executive

Want to raise awareness for your favourite cause? As a Marketing Executive, you could make that happen…

Whether it’s by working on multi-channel marketing campaigns, managing an organisation’s social media, or writing copy for content and PR pieces, a Marketing Executive is responsible for building the public profile of the charity they work for.

Other duties may include sourcing content for press releases, liaising with other charities, and creating email campaigns to help keep people engaged with the brand.

Although they aren’t on the frontline when it comes to fundraising, their job is vital in communicating the organisation’s main goals and spreading their message – and the work they do ultimately persuades people to donate to the cause.

Will I need a degree? Some employers will look for candidates with a degree in marketing, although graduates in other fields may also be considered.

Perfect for: People who are good at the art of persuasion.  

Avoid if: You don’t know how to use Twitter.  

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Events Coordinator

If you have excellent organisational skills, work well with people, and enjoy being in control of projects of all shapes and sizes, a career in charitable events could be the perfect choice for you.

An Events Coordinator’s day-to-day duties will generally include organising and planning fundraising events, which could involve everything from researching venues and sourcing financing, through to booking entertainment and developing relationships with sponsors. These events commonly consist of exhibitions, festivals, fairs, conferences, and promotions.

Aside from raising awareness within their community, these events also help provide valuable revenue for the charity, whether it’s through sponsors or through members of the public.

Not only do you get to help people have a great time, you also get to raise money for a great project at the same time.

Will I need a degree? A degree isn’t usually essential to become an Events Coordinator, but previous experience in a related field might be required.

Perfect for: People who are extremely organised.

Avoid if: Planning what you’re going to have for dinner tonight is stressful enough.

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Finance Analyst

Let’s face it, without good financial planning, any organisation would find it difficult to make a profit – and for charities, ensuring their efforts are resulting in funding (and not overspending) takes on even greater importance.

Financial Analysts use their expert skills in accountancy and numeracy to develop and implement financial strategies – which are regularly reviewed to identify trends and recognise profitability. Without proper budgeting and analysis, there would be no way of ensuring spend is managed as effectively as possible.

If you’ve got a technical mind and a head for logic and problem solving, this could be a great way to utilise your skills to do something that makes a real difference.

After all, who wouldn’t want to help a charity make more money?

Will I need a degree? A degree in a finance based subject will be beneficial, but not essential. Alternatively, you could enter the field with industry recognised accountancy qualifications.

Perfect for: People who like numbers more than words.

Avoid if: You’re always too scared to look at your bank balance.

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Administrative Assistant

Having the right people working on internal processes is absolutely vital in making sure a charity works as efficiently as possible. That’s where an Admin Assistant comes in.

They’re responsible for the smooth running of an organisation, both behind the scenes and on the surface. It’s their job to provide administrative support for the charity they work for, although specific duties will vary dependent on the sector.

If you’re familiar with MS office applications, have a professional telephone manner, and enjoy following procedures and operating filing systems, all while supporting a cause you’re passionate about – this role could be for you.

An ability to multitask, work well as part of a team, and take on a methodical approach to work are equally essential skills to have if you want to become a successful Administrative Assistant.

Will I need a degree? You will not need a degree to become an Admin Assistant, but previous experience in a related field may help you get started.

Perfect for: People who are good at keeping it together.

Avoid if: Your idea of multitasking is eating a biscuit and drinking tea at the same time.

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Senior Manager

If you’ve reached a senior level in your career, and you want to work on a project you’re really passionate about, pursuing a management role in a charitable organisation could be the best way to fulfil your goals.

No matter what the cause, good Managers are absolutely essential in leading the organisation in the right direction. They’re usually responsible for overseeing the operational side of the business, ensuring that staff and services are working effectively – and that they’re fulfilling the charity’s main objectives.

Another key part of the role involves building strong partnerships with other organisations, and inspiring a range of stakeholders. If you’re a strong leader with a knack for strategy, this role could be for you.

Will I need a degree? Whether you’ll need a degree will depend on the charity you’re working for, but more precedence will usually be placed on previous experience in management, and knowledge of the organisation and field.

Perfect for: People who’d rather drive the train than ride it.*

Avoid if: You’d rather be told what to do.

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*Job may not involve actual trains.


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