What is a job advert?

A job advert is a public notice companies use when they’re hiring for a specific role. Written in an attractive and engaging way to encourage candidates to apply, a job advert can include duties, experience, and qualifications required to do the job and salary a candidate can expect. See our guide on how to write a job ad for more.

What makes a successful job advert?

A successful job advert is written correctly and promoted effectively. You can use a job advert template to describe daily duties, qualifications, company, and culture to attract candidates and follow our guide when looking at how to write a job advert effectively. It is also crucial to look at how to post a job advert.

What do candidates look for in a job advert?

Candidates are typically looking for culture, prospects, salary, flexibility, and benefits information when reading a job advert. Use job description tips and guidance to help write an advert, using tone and language that excites the desired candidates into applying for the role.

Are there different kinds of job adverts?

There are different kinds of job adverts, the most common being online postings on a company website, job board, or recruiter website. Job adverts can also appear in print such as newspapers and trade magazines and, with fewer details, on flyers and posters. Our job description tips section will help you define what you need.