What should I do after the interview?

After the interview, keep in touch with candidates and let them know the next steps of the process. Score your candidates against your agreed criteria and decide whether they progress in the interview process – letting them know whether they are successful or not.

How should I reject a candidate?

When looking at how to reject a candidate, make sure you communicate with them throughout and be timely and truthful. Keeping in touch with candidates is an integral part of the interview process and delivering a positive candidate experience.

Should I keep in touch with candidates?

Yes, keeping in touch with candidates is essential to your interview process. We have lots of information on what not to do when you reject a candidate to how to ensure a great candidate experience – avoiding candidate ghosting and preserving a talent pool for the future.

Is it best to stay in contact via phone or email?

Keeping in touch with candidates by either phone or email is suitable. Email is an excellent way to paper trail your communication, and auto-responders and templates ensure you communicate to all candidates. Deliver a positive candidate experience and help build a positive brand reputation while progressing or rejecting a candidate.