What is the most common employment law I should know about?

One of the most common employment laws you should know about is the National Minimum Wage. You cannot, and should not, be functional without paying this to your employees. Check out our management tips for other essential employment advice and information you need to know.

Where can I find more information on employment law?

You can find more information on the employment law you should be adhering to on the Government website and check out our National Minimum Wage information, such as when to speak to HMRC and what to do if you are self-employed.

What is the importance of employment law?

Employment law is extremely important to protect you, your employees, and your business. There are many different topics covered by law that you need to include within your HR function. We cover a range of these topics, like National Minimum Wage, in our management tips section.

What is the current national minimum wage?

The current National Minimum Wage is £8.72 for workers age 25 and over. However, there are different limits for different age groups, and the wage increases every April. One of the most important employment law’s you must abide by, the National Minimum Wage, has several elements you need to consider.