How do I find the CVs that are right for my company?

To find the right CVs for your company, look at the essential requirements you need for the job before you start to search for CVs online. You can then use the filtering options in your CV search to bring up the results you want.

How can I filter through lots of CVs quickly?

You can filter through lots of CVs quickly by setting the job requirements and demographics in the filter function on the search page. Job title, location, and salary are good places to start. Use our tips on how to search CVs online to make the most of your CV search.

What are some good tips for searching for CVs?

Good tips for searching CVs online include keyword searching, streamlining your search, and defining your search criteria before you start. We have lots of information and guides on how to search CVs so that you can make the most of your CV search.

How do I pick my CV search criteria?

To pick your CV search criteria when searching CVs online, complete the filter form including job title, location, salary, qualifications, whether they are actively looking for employment or not and more. Make the most of your CV search by defining clear criteria of what you need the candidate to have for the job.