Why should I provide training to staff?

Providing training and development to staff makes them feel valued and more productive in their role. It is also a key contributor to your business’s employee retention and knowledge wealth. In addition, the need for new skills and skilled workers is continuously increasing, so providing support for employees for this is crucial.

What is the importance of training and development?

The importance of training and development is its value to an employee and the business. By continually increasing knowledge, value, and skills with training and development, you can support employees with a tailored career development plan while improving employee retention and productivity in your business.

How can I support my employees’ development?

You can support your employees’ development by offering tailored and specific training and development opportunities. These can be provided in small ways daily and through more extensive programmes with qualifications. We have several management tips to improve employee retention and guide you towards practical training and development.

What’s the difference between training and development?

The difference between training and development is that training educates employees in skills, competency, and learning to carry out the daily functions of a job. Development is about looking at these skills and competencies and nurturing them – to support employees to grow into more significant, more productive roles.