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What makes a ‘dream employer’ in the eyes of UK workers? – Exclusive jobseeker insight

Here’s how 2,500+ UK workers have changed their search for the ‘dream employer’ during a pandemic.

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Starting a career & searching for a new job in a pandemic – Exclusive jobseeker insight

Two in three of the UK’s employed are interested in a new job as Britain returns to work after lockdown, according to our latest research.

Here’s what 2,509 UK workers told us about their approach to starting a career and looking for a new job during a pandemic.

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How 18-24 year olds are changing their search for work during the pandemic.

  One in three 18-24 year-olds want to work for a company that treats it’s staff better in the wake of COVID-19, according to our latest research. Our research from June 2020 looks at how UK workers have changed their behaviours and motivations around searching for work as a result of coronavirus.   Here’s the […]

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Five ways are helping recruiters #KeepBritainWorking

We’re committed to helping recruiters and employers improve lives through work, especially in challenging times. Here’s five ways we’re helping recruiters Keep Britain Working.

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Here’s everything you need to know about myInterview, and how our partnership benefits you.

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‘Your degree, for free’: we’re paying off £50,000 of student debt

We’re proud to announce our most ambitious brand campaign to date: a prize draw to pay off up to £50,000 of student debt.

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Quiz: What type of recruiter are you?

Recruitment is never standing still, so neither should you. Find out what type of recruiter you relate to most to by answering 8 simple questions.

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Introducing: Branded jobs

Want to make your vacancies stand out? Here’s everything you need to know about branded jobs.

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Five types of recruiter: Which one are you?

We’ve outlined five types of recruiter (and how you can learn from them), courtesy of James Reed’s brand new book, The Happy Recruiter: The 7 Ways to Succeed.

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