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Kameo Recruitment on using

Find out what Sharon Livermore, Director of Kameo Recruitment, has to say about her experience with

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Massive Monday 2021: Don’t miss out on’s biggest day of the year

Looking for staff in 2021? Here’s how advertising on right now could help you start the New Year off on the right foot.

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May & Stephens – ‘ is truly customer centric’

Find out what May & Stephens had to say about their experience when using – and why they’ve been with us for over 14 years.

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RAF – ‘The support we received from our Account Manager has been invaluable’

Want to find out how the RAF uses us to help them hire? Here are just a few ways choosing has improved their recruitment strategy.

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NCC Group – ‘ have helped us fill some of our top roles’

We spoke to Allister Worrall at NCC Group, to find out more about how they’ve found success hiring staff through

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What makes a ‘dream employer’ in the eyes of UK workers? – Exclusive jobseeker insight

Here’s how 2,500+ UK workers have changed their search for the ‘dream employer’ during a pandemic.

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Starting a career & searching for a new job in a pandemic – Exclusive jobseeker insight

Two in three of the UK’s employed are interested in a new job as Britain returns to work after lockdown, according to our latest research.

Here’s what 2,509 UK workers told us about their approach to starting a career and looking for a new job during a pandemic.

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How 18-24 year olds are changing their search for work during the pandemic.

  One in three 18-24 year-olds want to work for a company that treats it’s staff better in the wake of COVID-19, according to our latest research. Our research from June 2020 looks at how UK workers have changed their behaviours and motivations around searching for work as a result of coronavirus.   Here’s the […]

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Five ways are helping recruiters #KeepBritainWorking

We’re committed to helping recruiters and employers improve lives through work, especially in challenging times. Here’s five ways we’re helping recruiters Keep Britain Working.

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