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Quiz: Do you know your business buzzwords?

These days, there’s almost no escaping business jargon in the workplace. Think you know your stuff? Take our business jargon quiz and find out…

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Four reasons why mobile recruiting is the future

As the world becomes increasingly mobile-first, it’s no surprise that recruitment is heading in the same direction. Here are four reasons why mobile recruiting is the future.

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GDPR and What you need to know

Want to know how are handling GDPR? Horus Patel, Director of Operations at, and a Certified GDPR Practitioner, explains.

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Massive Monday 2018: Don’t miss out on’s biggest day of the year

Looking for staff in 2018? Here’s how advertising on right now could help you start the New Year off on the right foot.

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We love Mondays. Do you? All-new ad campaign to launch in January

We’re delighted to announce details of our brand new national advertising campaign – helping to spread the love Mondays message more than ever before.

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POLL: Would you replace your boss with a robot? surveyed 2,000 employed adults in the UK, asking about their attitudes towards using tech at work. Here’s what we found:

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Give big this Xmas with #Christmas­Challenge17

Want to give big this Christmas? Find out how you can take part in #ChristmasChallenge17, the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign.

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What not to do when you reject a candidate

In recruitment, rejection comes with the territory. For examples of what not to do, here are some things to avoid of when turning a candidate down.

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Available On Demand

Want to get more out your recruitment? We’ve created a series of four short & succinct webinars to help you identify, target and hire the top talent.

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