Why you should always state salary in your job ads  

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Struggling to figure out what your candidates really want?

Whether you’re not sure what to include in your job adverts, or you just don’t know which elements to place the most emphasis on – it’s vitally important that you really understand your applicants needs from the outset.

To help you narrow down your options, reed.co.uk surveyed more than 1,000 jobseekers, to find out what matters to them the most. Here are the top six candidate concerns:


1. Salary & benefits

Salary averages out as the highest priority for those looking for a new role.

Two in three of jobseekers are more likely to apply when a salary is displayed on a job advert – making it even more important to make salary range clear in any role you advertise.

However, although salary comes out on top overall, that doesn’t mean that other sections of your job ad don’t matter.


2. Convenience

Aspects such as commute time and working hours also take on a high precedence when it comes to finding the right job, and 31% of people stated that convenience is what they most look for in a role.

Candidates earning 20k and below are even more likely to be focused on a job that’s convenient to them, and will actually place this above salary when applying for jobs.


3. Day-to-day responsibilities

Day-to-day responsibilities are also in the top three for jobseekers, with 17% of candidates voting this as their number one concern.

This indicates that descriptive job adverts which clearly state what the role entails could make all the difference when it comes to filling your vacancies.


4. Learning & development

Training opportunities within a role should never be overlooked in any job ad.

In fact, the candidates we surveyed placed learning and development in their top five musts when job hunting – even higher than factors such as your businesses brand and reputation.

So if you want to help attract the top talent to your roles, indicating that you value – and actively promote – learning and develop within your company could be key to your success.


5. Career progression

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one in ten candidates called clear career progression opportunities within a role their number one priority.

Not only are job ads that reference this likely to get much more traction with potential applicants, they also help provide you with people who are looking for a real challenge in their career.

And, as applicants with a willingness to progress are more likely to work hard within your organisation, you’ll be more likely to gain high quality hires that will stick around for longer.


6. Reputation & culture

Finally, focussing on brand can be beneficial – especially if you’re looking to fill more senior positions.

Although this element comes up in sixth place overall, applicants searching for jobs paying 50k+ actually put a higher precedence on reputation and culture, making it the third most important factor for jobseekers within this pay bracket.

And it’s not just important for attracting jobseekers. Including details about your company culture also ensures your applicants match up with your own values and how you do business. Something that should never be overlooked when you’re looking for your perfect match.


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