Enhance your reach and get applications quicker with Boost credits

In today’s competitive job market, where passive candidates outnumber active ones, our new Boost credits offer a solution to enhance your candidate search and receive more relevant applications. Boost credits streamline the process, delivering more applications in less time. We offer three credit types: Boost Bronze, Boost Silver, and Boost Gold, ensuring there’s a perfect match for your recruitment needs.

What’s included in the packages?

Boost Bronze: Get up to 2x more applications* by expanding the reach of your job ads on Reed.co.uk and partner job sites. Benefit from enhanced visibility, featured job listings, and exposure to up to 600,000 candidates through job alert emails.

Boost Silver: With Boost Silver, you can generate up to 4x more applications* by amplifying your job’s visibility on Reed.co.uk and partner job sites. Additionally, targeted ads on the Meta network extend your reach, making your job a featured listing on relevant search pages, along with inclusion in job alert emails.

Boost Gold: Our most advanced Boost credit, Boost Gold, leverages all the features of Bronze and Silver and adds display advertising. This feature puts your job ad in front of candidates who’ve recently searched for similar roles, significantly increasing relevancy and delivering up to 6x more applications compared to a Premium job credit.

Our customers are already seeing the benefits of Boost…

Hundreds of customers are already benefiting from our Boost credits, whether they have challenging roles to fill, need quick applications, or seek to improve application relevancy.

"We saw a marked increase in applications from the Boost credit in comparison to our standard credits which was extremely useful for a candidate-short job in a non-city location." Isabel Gillet, Marketing Manager at Robert Walters

“At Reed.co.uk, we’re dedicated to delivering value to our customers by increasing the quantity and quality of applications. Our Boost credits are designed to boost your role’s visibility on and off Reed.co.uk, providing faster access to quality candidates. Available through our customer teams and on the Recruiter site, they offer more choice and variety than ever before.”

— Tom Sampson, Product Director

How can I learn more about Boost?

Transform your recruitment today with Boost credits. Get in touch with the team for more information or explore our packages now.


*Compared to a traditional Reed.co.uk Premium job advert.