Why CV search could be the key to your next hire

As anyone who’s hired before will know, recruitment is never a one-size-fits-all business.

If you’re finding it hard to attract the right applicant for your vacancy, it might be time to consider the alternatives, one of which is searching the CV databases of job boards yourself.

If you haven’t considered it before, and to help you consider whether this is an option for you, here are some of the key benefits of using CV search services:


Attract passive jobseekers

CV searching gives you access to candidates who may not currently be seeking employment, but would be perfect for the role, meaning you can find your ideal hire without them even needing to find your ad and apply to work for you.

Attracting passive jobseekers into hard-to-fill positions can add real value to your business, as they’ll probably already possess the necessary skills and experience you desire, so will be ready to make an instant impact.


Headhunt the best employees

Sometimes, when seeking out the top talent, one of the most obvious places to look is within your market, and this may even mean your competitors. Not only will candidates already know your industry, but they could help provide insights you hadn’t previously considered.

Many CV Search products allow you to search by company name or keyword, allowing you to start headhunting as soon as you sign up. When a candidate can demonstrate a detailed knowledge of your business and even bring their clients with them, it can be well worth it.


Combine with current recruitment methods

Whether it’s bad timing or a poorly written job description, there are plenty of reasons that even the most active jobseekers might not see your vacancy.

CV Search can help fill in the gaps by complimenting your current approach to hiring staff, combining your old tried-and-tested recruitment procedures with a new alternative, giving you a more-rounded and, therefore, more effective recruitment campaign.


Time effective

If you need to hire in a hurry, making your recruitment process more time effective will be of critical importance.

Being able to search through CVs by specific skills, qualifications and keywords can drastically decrease the time it takes for you to find your perfect candidate, allowing you to allocate your time more effectively.


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