How keeping in touch with every candidate will improve your hiring

Want to widen your candidate base? It’s all about staying in touch…

When you’re concentrating on filling your vacancies, it can sometimes be difficult to predict what your target candidates are actually expecting from their application experience.

But by waiting too long to get in contact (or worse, not getting in touch at all) you could be missing out on your perfect hire – not to mention creating a negative impression of your brand.

To make sure the best candidates stay firmly within your reach, here’s why you should always call:


Never underestimate acknowledgement

91% of candidates we surveyed called confirmation of their application absolutely vital.

If they don’t receive it, it’s likely that many jobseekers will either assume their application hasn’t been successful, it hasn’t been sent, or even that no one’s going to read it at all.

And with only 14% stating that they actually have their application confirmed, it indicates that jobseekers aren’t always getting what they want out of the hiring process.


Brand matters

81% of candidates expect to be contacted even if their application isn’t successful.

And even if they don’t end up working for you, not keeping in touch could be having a negative impact on your organisation.

In fact, four out of five candidates actually admit that a poor hiring experience gives them a negative view of a brand – and 30% are less likely to use your products or services again afterwards.

So not only could you give yourself a bad reputation, you could also be jeopardising your businesses’ success as a direct result.


Time to hire

For candidates, speed is key.

Although the hiring process can take weeks, many jobseekers expect to get a call back within as little as a week – and one in four will assume they’ve been unsuccessful if they receive no contact after five days.

And, if you’re leaving it as long as 14 days to get back in touch with your applicants, 90% admitted they will already have dismissed your role completely.


Quick wins

To make sure you’re not missing out on your ideal hire, always keep in touch with your candidates – whether they’ve been successful or not.

Auto-reply functions and email templates are a quick and easy way to keep your candidates up-to-date with their progress – and this simple acknowledgment is usually all that’s needed to uphold your brand reputation, not to mention keep your candidates happy.

Not only will you have a more efficient hiring process, you’ll also be more likely to find your perfect hire quicker.



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