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How to post remote working job ads - Recruiter Advice -

Searches for work from home jobs in the UK have soared since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, with ‘Work from home’ being one of the most searched terms by jobseekers on’s new ‘work from home’ filter makes it easier than ever to advertise for remote working roles. In turn, jobseekers will enjoy a simpler, more relevant search experience in their quest for fully-remote work. Any business can use the filter when posting an advert on, with no additional cost.


What are the benefits of this new feature?


Improved recruiter experience: Clearer, easier and faster way to get remote working job ads in front of jobseekers who are looking for work from home roles.


Enhanced discoverability:  Search optimised links which will further increase the visibility of work from home adverts on Google and other major search engines to boost traffic to your roles.


Intent to apply: Our research shows that jobseekers using the ‘Work from home’ filter are more than twice as likely to apply for a job than those who don’t, meaning your adverts can benefit from more relevant applications with the simple click of a button.


To make the most of this new feature, here is a guide on how to post work from home job ads on


1. Sign into your Recruiter account and select ‘Advertise a job’

If navigating from the homepage, sign in to your account and click on the ‘Advertise a job’ button at the top of the page.

Work From Home Job Adverts - Recruiter Advice


2. Begin writing your job ad

Work From Home jobs - Remote Working Job Ads - recruiter advice


Fill out all the necessary details of your job advert as you would for any role:

– Job title
– Job description
– Salary
– Employment hours: Full-time/part-time
– Contract type: permanent/temporary/contract

If you have posted positions on before, you can pre-fill your advert by using these details as a template.


3. Enter a location and tick the ‘This is remote working’ box

Even for remote jobs, it’s still mandatory to enter a country and postcode. For remote jobs, we recommend using the location of your company’s head office or the office location of where the ideal candidate may work in the future.

Once you reach the section for Location details, enter the details and tick the checkbox titled “This is a remote job”:

Work From Home jobs filter - Remote Working jobs filter - Recruiter Advice Job Ads Guide


Your advert will appear in all jobseeker searches for work from home roles relevant to your vacancy, regardless of the location you enter.


Our search engine also picks up on any use of ‘work from home’ or ‘remote working’ in the job advert title or description and automatically assigns the filter to it, so don’t worry if you forget to tick the checkbox.


4. Post your job

After completing the remaining sections of your job advert (selecting the relevant job sector, where to send applications to, etc.), all that’s left is to click the ‘Post job advert’ button for your job advert to go live and be listed with the ‘Work from home’ filter enabled.

Work From Home jobs filter - Remote Working jobs filter - Recruiter Advice Job Ads Guide


5. Your job can now be found as a ‘Work from home’ advert for jobseekers

Success! Your job advert can now be found by jobseekers when they either enter ‘work from home’ into the job search bar, or when they select the Work from home button in the ‘Filter your search’ column. Here is an example of how the filter will appear on your advert:


Question: What if my job isn’t remote working and has been filtered by accident?

If your advert is not for a remote working role, you can simply remove the filter by selecting to edit the job advert and unticking the checkbox titled “This is a remote job”, pictured below:

How to remove the Work From Home filter from your job advert - Recruiter Advice


And that’s how to post your ‘work from home’ job ad on For more tips on attracting the best talent through job advertising, check out our six ways to make the most of your job ads.


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