Poll: How important is a candidates cover letter?

Poll: Do you value a covering letter when receiving an application from a candidate?

Whatever your profession or industry, the importance of a cover letter is a point of some contention. Whilst some recruiters see it as a key way to gain insight into a jobseeker’s experience and interests beyond their CV, others question how much value a cover letter really adds.

One issue may be that many jobseeker’s simply don’t know how to write a proper cover letter. Where the format of a CV is familiar to most, what a cover letter should include is often overlooked or underrated. Many may be guilty of reusing the same letter for every application, or even neglect to include one altogether.

But what do you think? How much does a covering letter really tell you about a candidate? And would it harm a jobseeker’s chances if their cover letter was poorly written (or even absent)?


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