enters 2023 with a new, nationwide brand campaign is dancing its way into 2023. After months of careful planning, the secret is finally out… Let us introduce to you our brand new ‘Love Mondays’ campaign.


The concept behind our new brand campaign

2022 saw the team paint the UK pink with our adorable Pomeranians. Our Monday-themed doughnuts, corgis, and Pomeranians, as well as our audio ads, featuring British actor Paterson Joseph, have been a huge hit. In fact, 74% of people we interviewed said that they would be more likely to use based on our advertising creative, across all age groups. We also doubled our consideration levels amongst the 18-30-year-old age group.

Now, for the first time since 2019, we can confirm that is back on your television screens, showcasing our new look and brand messaging for the year – to help people find a job they’ll truly love.

It’s clear that the UK has gone through some very hard times of late, that’s why we wanted to spread some joy and make the UK remember what it feels like to love their jobs. And our refreshed brand campaign aims to do just that, by putting the sparkle and panache back into job seeking and finding an opportunity that works for you. We want to help the UK Love Mondays – so we have launched a new national brand campaign focused on what it feels like to love your job.

We’ve got dancers, builders, work-from-home multi-taskers, plus dog groomers – to highlight that is a job site for all – no matter where you are in the UK or what opportunity you’re looking for. Our new campaign aims to reach a wide variety of people from different types of backgrounds and demographics, to remind them what it means to love their job.

Where can I see the campaign?

The brilliantly bold creative will be making its way across the UK, through a range of different channels – including both online and offline advertising. You’ll get a chance to catch a glimpse of our new ads everywhere (we’re not kidding). Here’s a breakdown of where you’ll find them:

We’ll be hitting your television screens

On  1 January 2023, we launched a brand new 30-second TV ad, available to view on terrestrial and satellite TV. You might have already seen us during the ad breaks for The Great British Bake Off, No Time to Die, or the debut of Stonehouse… However, this will be a truly multi-channel campaign, mixing out-of-home and digital assets.

Radio, podcasts, and Spotify

Aside from our new creative, our advertising campaign will also sport a catchy jingle (which we hope you’ll love). Listen out for our nationwide ads on the radio and Spotify. We’ll also be making an appearance on some of the UK’s biggest podcasts. Overall, our new audio adverts will be heard more than 6 million times by the end of January!

Digital and social media 

Whether you’re swiping through TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook, you’re bound to see our ads. We’ll also have some placements on paid search and digital display ads – to make sure we’re getting in front of jobseekers. Our multi-channel advertising campaign will be seen and heard over 300 million times in January.

High-impact out-of-home (OOH)

Spot us in key locations and cities, including London, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, and many more. In January, we’ll have around 1,900 static ads across the UK. Better still, catch us on high-impact Towers across the UK’s biggest cities, for those commuting by car.

Trains and buses

No matter your preferred method of transport, you’ll see our ads out and about all across the UK. We’ll be on over 8,000 train cards and will deliver thousands of more ads on the tube and at stations across the country. You can also see us on 500 buses in 20+ cities, as we share our Love Mondays message with millions.


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Last year saw a lot of uncertainty for the jobs market. After a jobs boom following the fallout from the global pandemic, the UK is now heading toward a recession. But, this recession is very different from previous ones that have come and gone… Jobs are still there for the taking – and candidates are still looking for a job they’ll love.

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