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How to become a Sales Assistant

Sales Assistant
avg. starting salary

Are you a people person? You should be a Sales Assistant…

Sales Assistants sell the products or services of their business. Generally they are customer-facing, they are often the first and primary form of contact to help ensure people find what they’re looking for. Sales Assistants can work in a number of different settings, including supermarkets, retail outlets and concessions, but their main purpose remains the same – to help customers find what they’re looking for.

Typical duties for a Sales Assistant include:

  • Approaching customers to identify their needs
  • Answering questions and using product knowledge to make recommendations on what to purchase
  • Processing payments to complete the sale
  • Receiving deliveries, replenishing and restocking sales areas and helping with in-store displays
  • Cashing up tills at the end of the day
  • Keeping all sales areas clean and tidy
  • Hitting any sales targets set by the business, both personally and as a team

To be successful as Sales Assistant, excellent communication and interpersonal skills are absolutely vital. Regardless of what industry they’re working in, great Sales Assistants all have one thing in common – providing excellent customer service to each and every customer.

Unfortunately, this rule also applies no matter how rude or obnoxious they may be…

Other key skills include:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • A friendly and approachable nature
  • Enthusiasm
  • Good sales skills, and the ability to upsell or add-on at point of purchase
  • Excellent team working skills


Sales Assistant

Up to £20,000

Assistant Manager

Up to £25,000

Store Manager

Up to £30,000

"I love shopping, and I love fashion. So working as a Sales Assistant in a fashion store made a lot of sense to me. Essentially, I get paid to help people find the perfect outfit, and give my opinion on what people should wear. The hours can be long and the customers can be difficult at times (don’t even get me started on sales), but I get to work with people I really get on with, pursue my passion for fashion and get paid to be around clothes. Oh, and did I mention employee discount?"

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