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How to become a Postman/Postwoman

avg. starting salary

Want a job that always delivers? Then consider becoming a postman…  A postman/postwoman organises the sorting and delivery of letters and small parcels to homes and businesses in a specific area.  Depending on their duties, a postman may also collect letters and parcels from post offices, post boxes or business addresses.  The day-to-day duties of a postman can include: 
  • Ensuring the safe and timely delivery of mail
  • Collecting signatures for recorded and registered mail
  • Loading and unloading delivery vehicles
  • Moving mail to appropriate processing and sorting centres
  • Redirecting incorrectly addressed mail
  • Registering the delivery of mail using a handheld device

Becoming a postman/postwoman will involve shift work. Early shifts start around five or six in the morning, and usually means organising and delivering mail. Later shifts commence around one or two in the afternoon, and generally involve collecting and sorting mail.  A small part of your job may be spent in a sorting or processing office, but the majority of your time you’ll be outdoors - in all sorts of weather. Come rain, sleet or shine (if working in the UK, feel free to disregard ‘shine’) the post has to be delivered. So, if you want to work as a postman, you have to be happy working outdoors. You also have to be happy with your own company. Some weekend work may also be required.  Other skills for a postman or postwoman include: 
  • Being fit and active - postmen/women can deliver to several hundred of addresses daily 
  • Punctuality
  • The ability to stick to a schedule
  • The ability to follow a route 
  • Good communication skills to deal with members of the public
  • Confidence using technology as part of the job 



Up to £25,000


Up to £30,000


Up to £36,500

"Being a postman is an important job. You could be delivering important documents to a business, a letter or card that could brighten someone’s day, or something really unusual. You never know what you’ll be tasked with delivering, which makes the job fun! However, you do have to be organised and punctual to do this job, and have good knowledge of the local area. There are several perks to being a postman, including getting to meet loads of people on your rounds, and delivering mail that could make someone’s day extra special!"

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