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How to become a Courier

avg. starting salary

Thinking about becoming a Courier? On your bike… Couriers transport messages, packages and other goods between individuals, making sure all cargo is delivered to recipients safely and securely. They might travel locally, nationally, or even internationally, depending on the company they work for, and could use various modes of transport to reach their destination, including planes, trains and automobiles. And, you know, bicycles. And trucks. And trams. And…well, you get the point. Couriers are also often needed to deliver their goods speedily, from door-to-door, especially as their cargo could include anything from important documents through to urgently needed medical supplies. Day-to-day duties for a Courier could include:
  • Picking up items and planning routes
  • Receiving, and sticking to, delivery schedules
  • Travelling between destinations
  • Verifying delivery information and signing documents
  • Taking payments for deliveries and completing paperwork

You’ll need excellent organisation skills, as well as an in depth knowledge of local roads and geographical locations, in order to become a Courier. Additionally, you’ll often be working on your own, and travelling for long periods without supervision. Using your initiative, especially when working to strict timescales, will be similarly key. Some positions may also require a valid UK driving license as a prerequisite. Other key skills for a Courier include:
  • The ability to work to strict deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Reliability and trustworthiness
  • Co-cooperativeness
  • A good work ethic
  • A general level of physical fitness


Entry level Courier

Up to £14,000


Up to £24,000

Specialist Courier

Up to £30,000

"Being a Courier is about more than simply being a delivery driver. The stuff I transport could be anything from an urgently needed passport or legal documents, through to the incredible. Things like vital organs even (seriously). So keeping things organised and on-time can be of critical importance. Life-changing even. And, from my point of view, I get to be out in my van, working on my own and under my own guidance. There’s even the opportunity to own my own business, once I’ve got some good experience and money behind me. And you don’t get that when you’re a Postman…"

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