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How to become a HGV driver

HGV driver
avg. starting salary

Lost your drive? It might be time to take the wheel… HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Drivers, also known as large goods vehicle drivers (LGV), transport a range of cargo between distributors, suppliers and customers. They could drive large lorries, trucks, or other commercial vehicles (weighing over 7.5 tonnes), and their job involves everything from dropping off deliveries to large businesses and factories, to transporting food and fuel. So whether it’s within the UK, in mainland Europe, or beyond, ensuring their goods reach their destination is all in day’s work for a HGV Driver. Typical duties for a HGV driver could include:
  • Loading and unloading goods
  • Making sure cargo is safe and secure
  • Picking up, and sticking to, delivery schedules
  • Planning routes
  • Driving between destinations
  • Taking payments for deliveries and completing paperwork

Aside from excellent driving skills, it takes a good level of patience and dedication in order to become a HGV Driver. You’ll be working on your own, often driving for long periods of time between drop-offs – so if you’re not someone who enjoys their own company and struggles to maintain their concentration levels, this may not be the right role for you. N.B. You’ll also be representing the company you work for, every time you’re behind the wheel. Angry drivers need not apply… Other key skills for a HGV Driver include:
  • The ability to work to strict deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • An in-depth understanding of road safety
  • Clear vision, and good eyesight
  • A general level of strength and physical fitness


Entry level HGV Driver

Up to £18,000

HGV Driver

Up to £30,000

Specialist HGV Driver

Up to £40,000

"If you enjoy driving and managing your own time, being a LGV Driver is a great career choice. I’ve transported cargo all around Europe, which has been a great way to travel and see a bit more of the world. The hours can be long, and it can be pretty frustrating when you get stuck somewhere and finding an alternative route isn’t an option. But my cab is like a little home away from home. And I get to listen to my own music, and be on the open road all day – it’s ace."

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