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How to become a Chauffeur

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Stuck in the wrong lane? You should become a Chauffeur… Chauffeurs are professional drivers who transport people to and from locations. The type of vehicle they drive and the duties they carry out will depend on whether they’re employed by an organisation, airport, car hire company, or a private household – but could include anything from a transporting individuals or families in a private car, to a driving groups to events in a van or limousine. Aside from ensuring their passengers have a safe and pleasant journey, they’re also responsible for presenting themselves professionally at all times. General duties for a Chauffeur include:
  • Picking up passengers and dropping them off at specified destinations
  • Considering weather and traffic delays when planning routes
  • Following GPS devices and/or maps
  • Assisting passengers with bags or luggage
  • Helping passengers get in and out of the vehicle (if needed)
  • Answering questions and keeping passengers updated with their journey status
  • Cleaning and maintaining the vehicle
  • Completing expense and reimbursement forms

Aside from a polite and accommodating personality and an aptitude for customer care, you’ll also need to be able to work flexibly, within strict deadlines. And, because the majority of the role relies on expert geographical knowledge and a solid awareness of your surroundings – an ability to drive safely, read maps, and follow GPS tracking systems are equally essential skills to have. N.B. if waiting in traffic triggers your road rage – this job probably isn’t for you. A Chauffeur should also be:
  • Dependable
  • Patient
  • Professional
  • Responsible
  • Diplomatic
  • Discreet

"Being a Chauffeur is interesting, to say the least. I work for an events company, so most of my role involves picking people up and driving them to their preferred location, which could include anything from school proms and business occasions, to hen parties and weddings. Although the hours can be unpredictable, I get to meet a lot of interesting people. And because I’m usually taking them somewhere fun, they’re almost always in a great mood – even if they do get a bit impatient with the traffic sometimes (although this happens less so in a limousine). Additionally, building relationships with my clients means I can usually diffuse any difficult situations with good customer service. And if all else fails, I just make a joke…"

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