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How to become a Car Dealer

Car Dealer

Career progression and salary expectations for a Car Dealer


Junior Car Sales Executive

| Up to £15,000

Car Dealer

| Up to £30,000

Dealership Manager

| Up to £40,000

The role of a Car Dealer

Looking for a career that’s not got many miles on the clock, is a good little runner, with no previous owners? Actually understand what any of that means? We’ve got the job for you… Car Dealers, also known as Car Sales Executives, buy and sell a variety of new and used vehicles.They could be working for particular dealerships, only selling the cars produced by one manufacturer, or at independent outlets which deal with cars of all makes and models. Car Dealers can even work on a self-employed basis, if they’re fully licensed and registered.And, although they may specialise in cars, many dealers also trade other vehicles, such as vans, motorbikes and ATVs.Typical responsibilities for a Car Dealer may include:
  • Approaching customers to find out what they’re looking for
  • Explaining the features and benefits of suitable vehicles
  • Arranging test drives
  • Buying, selling and part-exchanging vehicles
  • Handling paperwork, such as contracts, road tax and vehicle registrations
  • Offering loans and other finance options
It takes more than an interest in cars and a little bit of sales patter to become a Car Dealer.You’ll need excellent negotiation skills, not to mention the ability to build up a good rapport with your customers. Good questioning skills are also essential, as they could be the difference between making the sale and suggesting something that doesn’t suit what your customer needs.After all, you can’t drive off in the next Bugatti Veyron if you’ve only got the budget for a banger (sorry Jeremy…)Other key skills for a Car Dealer include:
  • Confidence
  • Natural business acumen
  • Excellent negotiation and objection handling skills
  • The ability to meet sales goals
  • Honesty and empathy
  • Maths skills
"I’ve always been a bit of a petrol head, which meant I went through quite a lot of different cars when I was younger. I bought all of them second hand, and started selling some on for a profit, just to earn a bit of extra cash – and I loved it. And things only got better when I went full-time with a local dealership. The best part of the job for me is going to auctions, and getting the rush from negotiating a good deal and making a profit. The customers are great too, especially when you find them a great deal. You also get to drive A LOT of new cars, which kind of helps, if I’m honest…"

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