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How to become a Kitchen Porter

Kitchen Porter

Career progression and salary expectations for a Kitchen Porter


Kitchen Porter

| Up to £14,000

Commis Chef

| Up to £24,000


| Up to £30,000

The role of a Kitchen Porter

Want to work in catering but have no idea where to start? You should be a Kitchen Porter…As a Kitchen Porter, it’s your job to carry out some of the fundamental tasks which are essential for the smooth running of a kitchen. The job isn’t always glamorous, Kitchen Porters are often the unsung heroes of restaurants, and many go on to have successful careers in catering as a result.Day-to-day responsibilities may vary depending on publication and experience, but typical duties could include:
  • Washing up, and cleaning kitchen appliances
  • Preparing work surfaces to ensure hygiene standards are adhered to
  • Receiving and unloading deliveries
  • Keeping the store room tidy and organised
  • Basic food preparation
The best Kitchen Porters are enthusiastic, hardworking and efficient. The ability to pick up tasks quickly and work under your own supervision is similarly essential, and adapting well to the kitchen environment is key for those looking to move forward in this industry.The ability to ‘stand the heat’ also desirable….Other key skills include:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Good listening skills
  • The ability to take orders and follow instructions carefully
  • Calmness under pressure, especially in a busy kitchen environment
"I finished school at 16, and really wanted to find a career that I cared about. I've always wanted to be a Chef, but wasn't sure this option was open to me. After a little research, I decided to work my way up in the industry, and that’s how I started out as a Porter. It’s not the most fashionable career, but I've learned so much from all the senior Chefs here that I know I made the right decision. I'm doing a few food hygiene courses, and get to help out with prepping when the restaurant is short staffed. I can’t wait for my career to progress, but there’s really no better way to learn."

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