Manufacturing jobs up by 24% year-on-year as UK jobs market continues to grow

  • Jobs in manufacturing sector up by 24% year on year
  • Construction & Property, Retail and Engineering all up
  • Growth in job vacancies spread across all regions


Manufacturing jobs have grown by nearly a quarter in the last year, according to the latest REED Job Index has – showing that the post-Brexit employment market continues to grow.

The sector is riding a wave of confidence after news that Weetabix is to invest £30million in its Northamptonshire sites and manufacturers continue to reap the benefits of the falling Pound.

The 24.1% increase from January last year was among the most significant sector rises and helped the index as a whole achieve a 5.5% lift.

Other sectors experiencing significant year on year rises include Construction & Property (+18.8%), Retail (+17.7%) and Engineering (+10.6%). Every region of the UK has continued to see year on year growth in job vacancies, the index showed.


James Reed, chairman of comments:

“There’s a lot of uncertainty in world politics at the moment, but our data shows that in spite of everything the UK jobs market remains buoyant.

“Manufacturing is key to prosperity and as such is a vital part of any economy – and that is why these figures are so encouraging.

“This is not a one-off either. The sector has been going in the right direction for some months now which is reassuring news.

“With year-on-year rises in job vacancies across every region, we can approach the triggering of Article 50 with the knowledge employment remains robust across the entire country.”


The good news comes as predictions for future economic growth have again been revised upwards by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research think tank.

However, year on year falls in the Apprenticeships and Training sectors within the index remain a concern.



YoY Growth

  1. Purchasing +37.6%
  2. Security & Safety +25.1%
  3. Manufacturing +24.1%
  4. Transport & Logistics +20.8%
  5. Graduate Training & Internships +19.4%


YoY Decline

  1. Training -54.3%
  2. Social Care -26.5%
  3. Estate Agency -20.1%
  4. Apprenticeships -14.0%
  5. Energy -12.5%


By Region

YoY Growth

  1. Northern Ireland +76.7%
  2. Wales +20.1%
  3. North East England +8.5%
  4. West Midlands (Region) +8.4%
  5. South West England +7.6%


Find out more about the Reed Job Index.


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