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Jan 2017

+5.5% (Jan 2016: 253) 2016 average: 285

What is the Job Index?

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January 2017 figures: Manufacturing jobs up by 24% year on year as UK jobs market continues to grow


The Reed Job Index for January shows that the jobs market continued to grow throughout month, with the number of jobs advertised up 5.5% on the same time last year.

Overall, the Reed Job Index stands at 267 for January, down two points from last month’s figure.


According to the latest Job Index, Manufacturing jobs have grown by nearly a quarter in the last year – showing that the post Brexit employment market continues to grow.

The 24.1% increase from January last year was among the most significant sector rises and helped the index as a whole achieve a 5.5% lift.

Other sectors experiencing significant year on year rises include Construction & Property (+18.8%), Retail (+17.7%) and Engineering (+10.6%).


According to January’s Index, every region of the UK has continued to see year on year growth in the number of jobs advertised. Northern Ireland, Wales and the North East England saw the biggest increases in new opportunities (76.7%, 20.1% and 8.5% year-on-year growth respectively).

National Job Index in the last 12 months

Jan 2017: Top 5 sectors YOY

1. Purchasing


2. Security & Safety


3. Manufacturing


4. Transport & Logistics


5. Graduate Training & Internships


Jan 2017: Top 5 regions YOY

1. Northern Ireland


2. Wales


3. North East England


4. West Midlands


5. South West England

About the Reed Job Index

Whether you're looking for staff or looking for a job, it pays to keep up-to-date with what's happening in your industry and in your region.

What is the Reed Job Index?

The Reed Job Index tracks the number of new job opportunities on offer compared to the previous month and against a baseline of 100 set in December 2009. Data is analysed across every major industry sector and UK region and trends highlighted in a monthly report.

How is the data gathered?

Data for the index is compiled from, the UK's largest job board, which every day lists over 200,000 job opportunities from 12,000 recruiters across 34 career sectors throughout the UK.

When is the data released?

Reed Job Index figures are released at the start of each month and give an accurate and timely snapshot of the UK's job market. The Reed Job Index has quickly become a respected measure of the state of the UK's job market, being widely reported across the national news media.

What's included in the Reed Job Index?
Reed Job Index

Tracks the number of new job opportunities and salaries on offer compared to the previous month and against a baseline of 100 set in December 2009

Job Index

The number of online job vacancies and jobseeker activity on in that month

Job Index by Sector

National Job Index figure segmented into 34 sectors

Job Index by Region

National Job Index figure divided into 12 regions across the UK