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How to become a Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor
avg. starting salary

Want to tell people how they should spend their money? You should be a Financial Advisor… A Financial Advisor's main role is to offer personalised financial guidance to people in all kinds of situations. With a vast range of products to choose from, they help clients select the financial planning and investment solutions that's right for them. The type of financial advice they give can cover a huge spectrum - from protection, loans, insurance, retirement planning, investment choices and management, right through to tax and estate planning. Typical duties for a Financial Advisor include:
  • Meeting with clients to discuss their current financial situation, and future financial goals
  • Deciding which service offered most effectively helps the client to achieve these goals
  • Explaining the features and benefits of each option with clients to help inform their decision
  • Analysing the market and producing financial reports
  • Regularly contacting clients to update them about their investments

To become a Financial Advisor, excellent communication skills are absolutely essential. You will be working with people of different backgrounds, many of which will have little knowledge of their options, making the ability to simplify complex financial language clearly and concisely similarly important. You will also need to build an excellent rapport with your regular clients, and possess excellent analytical skills in order to be successful in this position. Other key skills include:
    • Approachability, and excellent interpersonal skills
    • Superior financial acumen
    • Honesty, reliability and trustworthiness
    • Being able to listen to clients needs
    • The ability to maintain objectivity at all times


Trainee Financial Advisor

Up to £25,000

Financial Advisor

Up to £40,000

Financial Controller

Up to £55,000

"So many people worry about money these days, and many have no idea what their options are. The best part of being a Financial Advisor is knowing that every day you’re helping people get their finances in order. There’s always something we can do to help clear debt and get themselves back on track, and seeing the look on someone’s face when you really help their situation feels pretty great."

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