GE2017: Major parties answer jobseekers’ questions


With the General Election only days away, we’ve put jobseekers’ questions to politicians from the three major political parties.

And with 1,500 questions submitted, we certainly weren’t short of options on what to ask.

Want to find out which party has the best policies when it comes to all things work, jobs and careers? Just want to get more involved in the inevitable political chat in the office?

Watch’s Chairman, James Reed, put jobseekers’ top five questions to the three candidates; Damian Hinds for the Conservatives, Debbie Abrahams for Labour and Baroness Kramer for the Liberal Democrats.


1. How will your party secure a Brexit deal that doesn’t damage the economy or lead to jobs being moved overseas once Britain leaves the single market?



2. What will you do to protect jobs from increased automation and robotics in the workplace?



3. How will you make sure that skilled migrants continue to be able to come to the UK and benefit the economy?



4. With a continuing gender pay gap and under-representation of women on boards, what will you do to counter gender discrimination in the workplace?



5. How will you stop low cost foreign workers coming to the UK to compete for roles here, driving down wages?



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