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How to become an HR Business Partner

HR Business Partner
avg. starting salary

Passionate about personnel development and strategic planning? You should be an HR Business Partner…

An HR Business Partner works closely with an organisation to develop an HR agenda in line with their overall goals – and improve how the business operates overall.

By building relationships with senior management, researching the company’s business plans and determining what success looks like, they’re able to encourage the use of a coherent HR strategy. They can then establish which areas need attention, and how to address them in their plans.

An HR Business Partner will typically:

  • Provide high level support and advice on all HR-related matters
  • Implement HR initiatives and support staff development
  • Influence and oversee the management of staff, and deal with any issues that arise
  • Supervise functionality of the business as a whole, and identify key areas to address
  • Promote the beliefs and values set in place by the business

A strong working background in HR management, not to mention, a wealth of knowledge in regard to HR best practices, is essential to become an HR Business Partner.

You must also have a solid business sense, and the ability to negotiate and communicate plans effectively. As the role is based on the development of plans and management of change, you will need to exhibit great problem solving skills, and have an ability to manage projects whilst supporting your agenda with analysis.

To be a successful HR Business Partner, you must also be:

  • An excellent communicator
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Good at prioritising tasks and managing time effectively
  • Accessible and approachable
  • Aware of the needs of employees
  • Able to remain up-to-date with employment law


HR Advisor

Up to £30,000

HR Business Partner

Up to £55,000

HR Director

Up to £80,000

"I’ve always been interested in working with people and motivating others, so a career in HR seemed like a natural fit. Starting out as an HR Assistant, I learnt all about the basics of HR practices and gained a wide range of knowledge on employment legislation and policies. 10 years on, and I’m a fully qualified HR Business Partner. It’s great to have my voice heard and to be able to implement such vital changes and improvements within a business. I know that the strategies I work to put in place benefit the working lives of all of our employees – and that makes all the stress of the job worthwhile."

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