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How to become a Health and Safety Officer

Health and Safety Officer
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Looking for job security? How about a job in security? Health and Safety Officers are responsible for preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace, and ensuring that all staff are provided with a safe and secure environment to work in. They can specialise in one area, such as fire safety or the safe use of particular machinery, or provide advice and guidance on all issues relating to health and safety. However, no matter what their expertise, they always have employees’ welfare and well-being at heart. Typical responsibilities for a Health and Safety Officer include:
  • Performing risk assessments
  • Carrying out site inspections
  • Investigating incidents in the workplace and writing-up accident reports
  • Enforcing health and safety laws and regulations
  • Providing in-house training sessions to ensure all staff keep up-to-date with company safety policies
  • Advise businesses on how to deal with the handling and disposal of hazardous substances
  • Providing guidance on safety equipment and the safe installation of new machinery

To become a Health and Safety Officer, confidence and conviction are absolutely essential. You may need to make some unpopular decisions in order to provide a better working environment, so the ability to cope under pressure and do what’s best for the business should always take precedence. A penchant for high-visibility clothing and a passion for hard hats is not a necessity, but may help you stand out from the crowd. Other necessary attributes for a Health and Safety Officer include:
    • Excellent problem solving skills
    • Tact
    • Attention to detail
    • A good level of physical fitness
    • An in-depth knowledge of health and safety regulations and best practices

"Have you been injured in a workplace accident that wasn’t your fault? If so, you’ve probably not got a very good Health and Safety Officer. That’s what I love about my job. There’s an enormous amount of responsibility on your shoulders to ensure everyone is kept safe, and making sure all incidents are kept to a minimum. It can literally be a case of life and death, that’s how serious the job is. You go above and beyond for your colleagues, and that’s where the real satisfaction comes from. I love what I do."

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