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How to become a Hairdresser

avg. starting salary

Big on bangs? Can’t get enough of curling irons? Actually have any idea what feathering is? You should become a Hairdresser… Hairdressers wash, cut, and style their customers’ hair. They also interact with their clients by advising on what kind of changes are going to be made to their current hairstyle, and ensuring they’re happy and comfortable throughout the cut. Typical duties for a hairdresser generally include:
  • Greeting clients
  • Performing consultations
  • Washing, cutting, and styling hair
  • Colouring
  • Cleaning and disinfecting stations
  • Ordering materials and ensuring colours are managed and stored correctly

To really thrive in this role, you’ll need to have great communication skills, and enjoy interacting with all types of people. Your goal is to make sure your customers are fully satisfied, both with their new hairstyle, and with the service they received, so a confident and naturally chatty approach to your work will be invaluable. And don’t forget, you’ll be on your feet all day. So being able to deal with the tiring nature of the job is all part and parcel of being a Hairdresser. And, you know, comfortable shoes. Those too. To become a Hairdresser, you’ll also need to have:
    • Creativity
    • An awareness of current trends and styles
    • An appetite to learn styling techniques and apply them
    • Good practical skills
    • A considerate and insightful approach
    • The ability to talk about the weather on an ongoing basis (see also: your holidays)


Trainee Stylist

Up to £14,000


Up to £20,000

Senior Stylist

Up to £30,000

"Have you been injured in a workplace accident that wasn’t your fault? If so, you’ve probably not got a very good Health and Safety Officer. That’s what I love about my job. There’s an enormous amount of responsibility on your shoulders to ensure everyone is kept safe, and making sure all incidents are kept to a minimum. It can literally be a case of life and death, that’s how serious the job is. You go above and beyond for your colleagues, and that’s where the real satisfaction comes from. I love what I do."

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