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How to become an Event Manager

Event Manager
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Do you love social gatherings of all types? Are you at your happiest when you're organising? Then you might enjoy a glittering career as an Event Manager. This is a relatively new industry that has come about because everyone wants their events to be bigger and better than everyone else's, whether they're book launches, fashion shows, work-related conferences or even family parties such as engagements. That's where the Event Manager comes in. Although tasks and activities will vary depending on the occasion, your typical responsibilities if you do this job will include:
  • Visiting venues to assess suitability
  • Meeting with clients to discuss their requirements
  • Implementing a plan and getting it approved by the client
  • Making bookings and arranging transport for attendeess
  • Organising decor
  • Attending the event to co-ordinate personnel and manage potential problems

To be successful as an Event Manager, excellent communication and interpersonal skills are absolutely essential. If you hate going out and meeting new people, this may not be the role for you. Organising events will require long hours, dedication, and a fair amount of admin, so being passionate about the events industry will also be key to your success. A good Event Manager will be:
  • Punctual, and highly organised
  • Confident at dealing with all kinds of people
  • Calm in every situation
  • A good listener to ensure clients get what they want
  • Great at offering advice
  • Unafraid to put their foot down if requests become unreasonable

"The best thing about being an Event Manager is that it's never boring. You never know what the next client will ask you for, which I find very exciting. It's also great to start off with a blank canvas and see everything come together - there's real pride to be had from looking around, seeing guests enjoying themselves and thinking 'I made this happen'."

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