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How to become a Paramedic


Career progression and salary expectations for a Paramedic



| Up to £35,000

The role of a Paramedic

Do you pride yourself on how calm you can be in a crisis? Are you happiest when helping people? If you answered yes, then you might make the perfect Paramedic.A Paramedic is the healthcare professional who will be responsible for responding to emergency calls to accidents or medical emergencies. They are usually first on the scene and frequently provide life-saving treatment to anyone from an elderly person suffering a stroke to the victim of a car accident.If you train as a Paramedic, you'll:
  • Respond to 999 calls
  • Assess each patient's situation as soon as you reach them
  • Provide emergency treatment using drugs and equipment like defibrillators
  • Drive the patient to hospital in your ambulance, if necessary
  • Provide a brief yet detailed report of the patient's injury or illness upon arrival at hospital
As a Paramedic, you'll need to deal with all kinds of medical emergencies, so it's not ideal for anyone who's squeamish. Also, you could be outdoors in all weathers - this isn't for you if you like the comfort of a cosy office.You should be:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Responsible, and the ability to take own initiative
  • Calm and quick-thinking in a crisis
  • Able to convey medical information succinctly
  • Good with people, including relatives of the injured who may be hysterical
"For me, being a Paramedic is the most exciting job possible, as you never know what situation will crop up from day to day. Sometimes it can be emotionally draining, but I feel a real sense of achievement every time I help someone through what will probably have been one of the most difficult days of their life. I wouldn't want to do anything else."

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